Guimaras palay production up by 36.49 % in Q1 2019

TOTAL palay production in Guimaras province increased by 36.49 percent in the first quarter of 2019 due to the accrued production of both irrigated and rainfed farms coupled by the double-digit expansion of harvest areas.

According to data by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Guimaras, rice production in January to March 2019 totaled 10,693 metric tons (MT) against 7,834 MT in the same period in 2018.

Production from irrigated farms peaked at 3,531 MT, up by 39.34 percent from 2,534 MT in the same quarter of last year.

The rainfed farms’ output hit 7,162 MT, a 35.13 percent growth from last year’s 5,300 MT.

The data also revealed that the bulk of the rice yield came from rainfed farms accounting for 66.98 percent (7,162 MT). Irrigated farms shared 33.02 percent or 3,531 metric tons, of the 2019 first quarter production.

Moreover, the estimated area harvested with rice totaled 4,674 hectares, or 34.46 percent higher from 3,476 hectares in 2018 of the same period. This is due to the double digit growths in both rainfed (34.44%) and irrigated (34.58%) farm areas.

In terms of percentage share of the total area harvested, rainfed farms accounted for 73.49 percent while irrigated farms contributed only 26.51 percent.

“The data showed that most of the palay produced in Guimaras are dependent on rainwater for their growth and development,” said Chief Statistical Specialist Nelida B. Losare of PSA-Guimaras.