Guv tells drug surrenderers to do part for a drug-free Guimaras

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin challenged drug surrenderers in Guimaras who attended the Provincial Drug Summit on Nov 13 at the Agri-Fishery Center in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras to do their share in the campaign to free the province of illegal drugs.

Almost 60 drug personalities who availed of the plea bargaining agreement attended the forum which was followed by a drug testing activity.

Gumarin said that it is the duty of every Guimarasnon to be a part of building a conducive and safe community.

Manami ang aton probinsiya. This is our only home and I hope nga we will be part in building a conducive, protective nga komunidad nga wala sang away, wala sang kalalat-an nga matabo, wala sang kriminalidad. Buligay ni. All of us has at stake nga ubrahon para matinlu-an gid naton ang aton probinsiya. And I hope it will sink in sa tanan para sa kauswagan sang aton probinsiya,” Gumarin said.


He reminded the surrenderers to change not only for themselves but for their family and for the province of Guimaras as its people are its weapon to realize the islands’s full potential.


Further, the local chief executive dared the surrenderees to fight the urge of using illegal drugs instead, find worthwhile activities like exercise and having a decent source of income.


“That physical dependency nga ara sa inyo, batu-an niyo ina. Sa ginadumili-an nga droga, indi na kamo na magbalik kay for once, it will destroy sang inyo kabataan. Mag-untat budlay gid man. Pero kun tuod-tuuron niyo, ara inyo paminsaron, ara inyo corazon, masarangan niyo gid,” he added.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 6 Assistant Regional Director Christina Cabatuingan lauded the efforts of the Provincial Government of Guimaras in drug clearing program and encouraged all stakeholders to work harder for the province to be declared drug-free.

“I am actually very proud and very glad for the status of your barangay drug clearing program. The whole of Guimaras now has around 88 percent drug cleared. So let’s continue to work for having Guimaras 100 percent of its barangays being declared as drug cleared,” Cabatuingan said.

Out of 98 barangays in the province of Guimaras, 75 are now declared drug-free.

Guimaras Police Provincial Office (GPPO) director Col. Hector G. Maestral explained that the plea bargaining agreement is an initiative of the government to give chance to the drug surrenderees to prove themselves that they are not using illegal drugs anymore.

GPPO and PDEA personnel gave lectures to the surrenderees on the ill effects of illegal drugs.

The result of the drug test was met with loud cheers when all surrenderees tested negative of illegal drugs.

Gumarin underscored the support of the government for the recovery of these surrenderers.

However, the governor reminded these drug personalities that the local government unit cannot help them when the hands of the law will be after those who keep using prohibited drugs.