Having less people

RECENT NEWS is contradictory. There is Japan offering to pay couples to have morebabies because their population is slidingdown with serious social and political implications.  China, with its billions of people, is worried that couplesdid not respond to the new policy allowing them to have two children.

In the United States, the House of Representatives now controlled by the Democrats “sneaked in” abill to increase government spending for abortion in the US and abroad. European and other progressive nations, like Singapore are also giving as much incentives as possible to encourage couples to have children.

The world’s population last year, according to the United Nations, has increased to over 7.5 billion but if families will have only one child or one and half child average worldwide there will be three billion less people at the end of this century, otherwise it would be 11 billion.

In 1950 the world’s population was just two billion although over 50 million died during World War II. Ten years later the United Nations embarked on population control to reduce the speed of population growth.  As of yesterday, we have already 7.6 billion.

The demographic growth scared governments and so the leading nations in the world, including the Philippines, adopted population control programs. The objective is to reduce the number of people because too many people will strain the earth’s resources and lead to mass starvation, overloadedsocial services and civil disorder around the world. The people in poor countries will rampaged into the rich countries.

The US led the thrust to control population growth with funding for the rest of the world through its Planned Parenthood program. Then First Lady Hilary Clinton was a major promoter of this program. The Republicans and conservatives opposed funding to countries that are not democratic.

The first things Democrats did after taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives last week was to introduce a spending bill that includes funding for “family planning” services in foreign countries.  If passed, the law will overturn President Donald Trump’s policy that prohibits the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions in foreign countries.

Abortion is a means of limiting birth. China and other dictatorial governments adopted forced abortion or liberalized it to encourage the killing of the fetus. China imposed a one-child policy that was so cruelly enforced that refusal to abortion and sterilization was meted with harsh sentences.  India and its neighbors that have also large populations adopted the same measures.

The world is now reaping the fruits of this birth control program, a violation of natural law. What the rich nations are now experiencing is that the zero and below zero births among their citizens threatens the kind of lifestyles that they wanted to preserve by preventing and even killing babies.

Governments are working to get the declining number of young people to have children. The youth are not taking the bait. Governments were so effective in discouraging the birth of children that now the young agree with them – no children to disrupt their professional and social life.

The ageing population has to be sustained by a young and productive workforce.  The natural balance is fewer old people and more young ones. When this balance is tipped – a large number are old – then the burden on the young will be heavier.

Last week the papers reported the need of Germany for hundreds of female nurses. What that this show but the dearth of young women in the health services?Others are also importing from populous.

There is, as one Chinese report says, a crisis. Indeed, the importation of labor is an indication of a population crisis. There is no longer a large pool of human resources to keep the economy and the nation going. One country in Europe last year predicts that unless more children are born, their race would disappear in 200 years. Indeed while they can repopulate with immigrants, their own white race can be merely a history, as the Incas.

A few years back, a friend sort of predicted that we should not get carried away by birth control. Let others do it because later we will be all over and rule the world. Indeed, how many Filipinos are now working and having families abroad and holding elective offices?  This trend can continue.