HIMTI achieves 100% pass rate with CYPHER Learning

The Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI) has carved a niche for itself in the medical coding education landscape in the Philippines, proudly achieving a 100% pass rate for their Inpatient Coding Training classes.

The institute’s collaboration with CYPHER Learning has resulted in the use of an AI-driven learning platform that greatly enhances the educational experience and contributes to exceptional certification outcomes.

Dr. Carlos Ongaco, co-founder of HIMTI, celebrated this milestone, emphasizing the institute’s commitment to educational excellence and its mission to prepare graduates for global healthcare industry standards. “This 100% pass rate…signifies the efficacy of our training modules,” he stated.

CYPHER Learning’s CEO, Graham Glass, attributes the success to the synergy between quality education and AI technologies, noting, “Our AI 360 offering is instrumental in empowering institutions like HIMTI to deliver courses that not only meet but exceed industry standards.”

Over the past year, HIMTI’s impact has been significant, training more than 1,700 students with high success rates across various course formats. They have extended their reach with Medical Coding Fridays, a program launched to support Filipino healthcare expatriates in the Middle East with comprehensive local language materials.

HIMTI’s key contributions include:

– Pioneering certification leadership in the Philippines.

– Embracing technological innovation through AI-driven educational platforms.

– Enhancing education accessibility and adapting to the local language.

– Contributing to social impact by providing local career opportunities.

– Establishing strategic partnerships for a robust talent pipeline.

– Aligning with industry demands to address the skills gap.

As HIMTI and CYPHER Learning continue their partnership, they set new benchmarks in the healthcare education sector, preparing Filipino professionals for a thriving future in healthcare information management.