Hotel101-Niseko pioneers sustainable hospitality in Hokkaido

(From left) Kamita Sekkei Chief Executive Officer Hirokazu Bando, Technocrew Managing Director Akira Hiraoka, Hotel101 Global Chief Executive Officer Marriana Yulo- Luccini, and Iwata Chizaki Construction General Manager Makoto Miyoshi.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. has announced a landmark development for eco-friendly hospitality with the upcoming Hotel101-Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. Today, in a groundbreaking pact signed with leading engineering firms Kamita Sekkei and Technocrew, and contractor Iwata Chizaki Inc., the partners have solidified their commitment to creating the region’s first CASBEE-rated sustainable hotel.

CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is Japan’s premier framework for gauging environmental performance in buildings. With this certification, Hotel101-Niseko is poised to set a new sustainability standard in the hospitality industry.

The engineering and construction expertise of Kamita Sekkei, Technocrew, and Iwata Chizaki Inc. is expected to create a model of sustainable development that aligns with the project’s commitment to eco-efficiency. The partners’ combined experience includes prestigious projects such as Hokkaido University and Chitose International Airport.

Hotel101 Global CEO, Hannah Yulo-Luccini, believes that sustainability is integral to the brand’s ethos, especially as the world evolves rapidly. “By integrating a sustainable mindset in the way that we build our hotels as well as sustainable practices in our day-to-day hotel operations, we protect the environment and appeal to the new generation of eco-conscious guests,” she said.

The hotel’s design incorporates green-inspired architecture and advanced technology to ensure efficient and eco-friendly operations. “Achieving a CASBEE rating underlines Hotel101-Niseko’s role as a leading example of green hospitality solutions,” Yulo-Luccini added, citing the challenges of obtaining such a rating in the harsh winters of Hokkaido.

Positioned amidst Niseko’s natural beauty, Hotel101-Niseko will offer 482 rooms, becoming one of the largest hotels in the area. DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II envisions it as a top destination, especially with the introduction of a Bullet Train connecting Tokyo to Niseko. “We see Hotel101 Global to be known globally as one of the most eco-friendly hotels globally,” Sia II expressed with confidence.

The commitment by Hotel101 Global and its partners to sustainable practices marks a significant step in eco-friendly tourism, providing a blueprint for future developments in the industry.