Hotelogix Unlocks Growth Potential for Boracay Hotels

Hotelogix is set to host “Unlock Potential, Unleash Growth: Supercharge Your Hotel Business” at the Henann Regency Resort Boracay on June 3, 2024.Known for attracting luxury travelers worldwide, Boracay provides the perfect backdrop for Hotelogix to offer insights tailored for hoteliers in this renowned resort destination.

Hotelogix, in partnership with BookingWhizz and Infinito, is bringing together industry experts and thought leaders to share innovative strategies and best practices for hoteliers. The event will help hoteliers stay ahead of the curve in the competitive hospitality industry.

BookingWhizz is a top hotel distribution and revenue management company, aiding hotels in maximizing online presence and revenue by optimizing inventory and rates. Their expertise empowers hotels to boost bookings, minimize no-shows, and improve overall revenue performance.

Infinito, a leading hospitality technology company, offers innovative solutions for hoteliers to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and increase revenue. Their suite of tools includes property management systems, channel management, and revenue management solutions, making them a crucial ally for hotels aiming to excel in the competitive hospitality industry.

This exclusive gathering is designed specifically for hotels in the region, providing unparalleled insights and practical solutions to elevate their business to new heights.

About Hotelogix: 

Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based property management system designed to simplify hotel operations, increase market reach, drive more bookings, and maximize revenue. Hotelogix provides solutions for both independent and group properties.

Hotelogix was founded in 2008 with a vision to empower hotels across the world with powerful yet simple technology that can evolve with the current and the future changing market dynamics, helping Hoteliers achieve efficient operations, expanding market reach, increased occupancy and profitability along with the right solution to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Singapore-headquartered Hotelogix, a cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS) company with subsidiaries in India and the US, Hotelogix PTE has an aggregate customer base spanning 100+ countries, powering 10,000+ hospitality businesses ranging from hotels, hotel groups and chains, large and enterprise resorts, boutique hotels, hostels to apart-hotels, campsites, villas, vacation rentals, independents, and domestic chains.

Today, Hotelogix is one of the top Hospitality Technology Leaders in the world delivering Cloud Based Hospitality Solutions.


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