Hua Siong Red Phoenix crowned Asialink 3×3 champs

3×3 Champions, the Hua Siong Red Phoenix (Philip PunzalanDoce)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Asialink 3×3 basketball league U-15 was jam-packed with talented young hoopers as 14 teams battled it out for the championship.

The Hua Siong Red Phoenix squad overcame 14 teams and clinched the championship after prevailing over the OJNA Rebels in a cardiac game, 15-12.

The Zaragga covered gym was stormed by fanatics and supporters as the 3×3 tournament featured schools and youngsters with big-time potential.

The four teams that went through the grinder and survived the eliminations were the Hua Siong team, the OJNA Rebels, the Asialink Sta. Clarita, and Team Wolves.

The OJNA Rebels faced a tough and resilient Sta. Clarita squad, only winning by just a point to advance and challenge Hua Siong, 9-8.

Hua Siong cruised past the Wolves in their semifinal match-up, imposing their will in the post that ballooned their lead to 9-5 and punched their championship ticket.

The 3×3 tournament was brought to you by Asialink Finance Corporation, Suarez Ballclub, in cooperation with SK federation president Imarie Pinuela and Zaragga mayor John Tarrosa.