ICPO undergoes massive revamp

Colonel Joeresty Coronica, Iloilo City Police Office director, said the newly assigned officers under his watch have three months to prove their worth. (Jennifer P. Rendon photo)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) underwent a major facelift in its personnel composition.

Colonel Joeresty Coronica, the newly installed ICPO chief, did not only settle the appointment of the new ICPO City Drug Enforcement Unit and Iloilo City Police Station 5 (Mandurriao) commanders, but he also reshuffled and assigned officers to other police stations and units.

For starters, all station commanders have been relieved of their duty and are now assigned to do administrative work.

Lieutenant Greg Matutino is designated as ICPO CDEU officer-in-charge.

The new station commanders are:

* Captain Marvin Laraño – Iloilo City Police Station 1 (City Proper);

* Captain Johnna Aguilera – ICPS2 (La Paz);

* Captain Lester Oliveros – ICPS3 (Jaro);

* Captain Benjie Dicen – ICPS4 (Molo);

* Lieutenant Col. Albert Sy – ICPS5 (Mandurriao);

* Captain Resty Labasteda – ICPS6 (Arevalo).

“We have to do the reshuffling of station commanders since most of them have been in their post for two years already. We also have to give chance to others,” Coronica said.

Meanwhile, Major Shella Mae Sangrines, the outgoing ICPS1 chief, has been designated as full-time ICPO spokesperson while Major Jose Val Ladublan, the outgoing ICPS2 chief, will work as the deputy chief of Sy at the ICPO City Intelligence Unit (CIU) chief.

Major Eduardo Siacon, Jr., the outgoing ICPS3 chief, is now deputy commander of the Iloilo City Mobile Force Company while Major Marlyn Roquero, the outgoing ICPS4 chief, is the officer-in-charge of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD).

On the other hand, Dicen will leave ICPS5, and Major Chen Tañagras, the outgoing ICPS6 chief, is deputy head of the ICPO City Investigation and Detective Management Unit (CIDMU)

Lieutenant Colonel Juvy Navales, the outgoing chief of the City Police Strategic Management Unit, will swap posts with Major Glen Jaromay as CIDMU chief.

Coronica said that the order took effect Feb 2, 2023, except for Siacon who will stay a day later because of the celebration of the Jaro fiesta.

The revamp was implemented within a week after Coronica assumed post on Jan 27.

It was during his assumption that Brigadier General Leo Francisco, Western Visayas police chief, announced that he wanted all personnel of CDEU and ICPS5 relieved from their posts.

The CDEU was composed of 15 personnel while ICPS5 has around 91 personnel.

Coronica said he already changed the CDEU complement, except for one personnel who is assigned to administrative works.

But additional personnel might be assigned to CDEU since only 11 were newly assigned to the drug unit.

He revealed that he would work on the designation of Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Benitez Jr, former head of the Regional Police Drug Enforcement Unit, to lead the CIU and CDEU.

For ICPS5, Coronica said the relief will be implemented in two groups.

“The other group is relieved today (February 2) while the other group would be relieved at some other time, so as not to compromise the unit,” he said.

The relieved policemen of CDEU and ICPS5 will be distributed to different police stations.


Coronica said he will give newly assigned personnel three months to prove their worth.

“I think a maximum of three months is enough for them to prove their worth,” he said.

If their performance is not at par with his expectations, Coronica said they would be relieved from their post.


Coronica said that all designated personnel passed through the vetting process conducted by the Regional Intelligence Unit.

“It’s very important that they have no involvement in any criminal activity,” he said.

Coronica has cited the importance of ten vetting processes to gain the trust of the people to the police, especially those assigned to anti-illegal drug units.