If I were Mayor Jerry…

By The Sunriser

If I were Mayor Jerry Treñas, I will hire more unemployed Ilonggos of voting age. But, first, I will devise special programs/projects with special funds to cover their salaries. Special programs/projects are a neat way to circumvent the budget ceiling for personnel salaries.

If I were Mayor Jerry, I will bolster my formidable grassroots organization by recruiting former barangay captains and leaders who lost in the last barangay elections.

If I were Mayor Jerry, I will strip Councilor Nick Baronda not only of his committee chairmanships but also ban him from all City Hall activities. I will banish his family from all barangay gatherings.

If I were Mayor Jerry, I will push my beloved daughter Raisa into the administration party to enjoy all the advantages and perks Malacañang can offer. But I will remain as a true anti-Marcos and stay with the opposition.

If I were Mayor Jerry, I will also recruit the leaders of my former allies and former nemesis, foremost raid the ranks of former mayor Joe Espinosa III.

If I were Mayor Jerry, I will honor only the commitments that benefit me, palabra de honor be damned.