If I were VP Sara Duterte

By The Sunriser

If I were Vice President Sara Duterte, I will not resign from the Cabinet of the Marcos administration. After all, there is such a thing called pachyderm.

If I were VP Sara, I will remain as DepEd secretary even if I have done nothing spectacular in that department.

If I were VP Sara, I will keep on demanding hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential and intelligence funds to pay for my hundreds of security personnel. My life is priceless. My role as Vice President is god’s gift to Filipinos.

If I were VP Sara, I will not apologize for smirking at my father’s “bangag” snide against BBM. After all, not many in this country give a hoot on proper decorum, much less on unbecoming conduct or personal behavior of public officials.

If I were VP Sara, I will never abandon my ambition to become the next president of the Philippines. My father is still popular, you know.

If I were VP Sara, I will side with the People’s Republic of China, make the Philippines a vassal of China. My subservience to China, which is becoming more aggressive in its criminal claim of almost the entire West Philippine Sea, is a non-issue in Philippine politics, at least to the ‘bobotantes’.

If I were VP Sara, if I cannot defend my deafening silence on the aggression of China at the West Philippine Sea, I will keep my silence forever. If I have nothing intelligent to say about the issue, I will just chew a gum and smile.


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