Illegal drugs, internal cleansing are new Iloilo police chief’s focus, too

Police Colonel Roland Vilela.

By: Jennifer P. Rendon

It might sound cliché but illegal drugs and internal cleansing are also the top priorities of Police Colonel Roland Vilela.

Stressing the importance of the rule of law, Vilela formally assumed as the chief of the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) in a turnover of command ceremony at the IPPO headquarters in Camp Sumagaysay, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo on Sept 3, 2019.

He succeeded Police Colonel Marlon Tayaba, who served IPPO for more than two years already.

Vilela, a member of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Kapanalig Class of 1997, is the current national president of the Alumni Association of Lakans.

Just like most police commanders, Vilela has apparently attuned to the importance of toppling illegal drugs and creating a sense of discipline among policemen through internal cleansing efforts.

But before laying down his other plans for Iloilo, the new Iloilo police chief sought the people’s cooperation and support “in our goal of providing a safe and secure environment for the Ilonggos.”

Vilela noted that his commitment to provide a brand leadership would be best realized if everyone would lift a finger and be a party of the battle.

“We will continue to build upon our gains to have an environment in which the rule of law is established, where crime and corruption cannot succeed, where people feel safe to lead normal lives and where the economic can develop proper and indeed can flourish,” he said.

He added that his battle cry would stand in support of the strategic direction of Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan, the Western Visayas police chief.



But instead of his earlier pronouncement that his priority programs will be capsulized under the acronym “VILELA,” the IPPO chief has now chosen to adopt “ILOILO.”

I – Illegal drugs should be eradicated.

L – Law enforcement will be relentless.

O – Optimization of enhanced managing police operations (EMPO)

I – Internal cleansing and discipline

L – Local communist armed conflict should be concluded.

O – Organize, mobilize, and lead volunteers and seek the active participation of stakeholders for peace and development.

Vilela said he intended to continue the vigorous campaign against illegal drugs and all forms of criminality.

“Truly, illegal drugs perpetuate criminality and has been claimed for most heinous crimes committed such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, parricide and even petty crimes like snatching and theft,” he said.

Vilela notes that the list is long and the statistics could be depressing that there’s a need for relentless law enforcement operations

“Since then, the enormity of the gruesome problem was revealed and as the days pass on, we realize that the tentacles of criminal enterprises are so entrenched and have already reached far and wide that they already tainted even some of our hallowed institutions, the Philippine National Police included,” he said.

In optimizing the EMPO, Vilela said he would go back to the basics of policing to have a considerable edge against the growing sophistication and complexity of the lawless elements in the society to man the streets.

Vilela anchored this concept on the need to paying attention to small crimes for it might have a corresponding impact on more serious crime.

Huwag nating maliitin ang pinakamaliit na klase ng kaganapan o kriminal sa komunidad sapagkat dito nagsisimula ang mga malalaki o heinous crimes. It counts what you count,” he said.

Vilela also underscored the need to strictly adopt the internal cleansing program and strategies and sternly instil discipline among erring personnel.

“Since bal-an naton nga ang amo ni nga programa, wala na gid rason para obrahon ta ang taliwas sini. So, this will serve as a fair warning sa tanan nga personnel sa IPPO,” Vilela said, as he called on the public to report to him the wrong deeds of his personnel.

Ending the local communist armed conflict through the whole of national approach would also be part of his considerations.

In seeking the active participation of stakeholders, Vilela is confident that they could move forwards with their organizational goals and build upon a mutual trust and passion for the community.

As he bows full commitment in realizing his mission, Vilela has enjoined the IPPO community “to take no rest in pursuing whoever tramples the peace and order in our society.

“Relatively, the peace and order in our society is by no means the exclusive responsibility of the security forces. It is by all means a shared responsibility of each and everyone in the society,” he said.