‘Illumination of Sunburst Park’ dazzles with display of lights

(From left-right) Mr. Enrico Jacomille, member of the Board of Directors of Bombo Radyo Philippines; Mr. Dante Javellana, member of the Board of Directors of Queenbank; Councilor Rudolf Jeffrey Ganzon; Mr. Rogelio C. Florete, Jr., President and CEO, Flo Water Resources Iloilo, Inc. & Florete Land, Inc.; Vice Mayor Jeffrey Ganzon; Mrs. Imelda C. Florete, President, R. Florete Pawnshop & Jewelry; Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, Chairman of Florete Group of Companies; Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas; Rep. Julienne Baronda; Ms. Raisa Treñas; SK Federation President Jelma Implica; Iloilo City Councilors Sedfrey Cabaluna, Urminico Baronda, and Miguel Treñas.

Another major Yuletide attraction is literally setting Iloilo City in a state of glorious radiance.

In a formal inauguration ceremony, the much-anticipated “Illumination of Sunburst Park” project was officially opened to the public on November 28.

Spearheaded by the Iloilo City Government, under the leadership of Mayor Jerry Treñas, in collaboration with the Florete Group of Companies, the event aims to bring joy and add more festivity to the city as the holiday season approaches.

Mayor Jerry Treñas together with the Florete Group, envisioned the grand Christmas showcase to gather families, friends, and loved ones to enjoy the splendor of Sunburst Park, serving as both a source of delight and a showcase of the city’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and a brighter Christmas to all Ilonggos during the holiday season.

Present in the grand illumination were Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, lone district Rep. Julienne Baronda; Mr. Rogelio Florete Jr. president of Flo Water Resources, Inc. and Florete Land.; Madame Imelda C. Florete, president of R. Florete Pawnshop; Ms. Margaret Ruth Florete, president and CEO of Bombo Radyo Philippines and Queenbank; Enrico Jacumille, director of Bombo Radyo Philippines; Dante Javellana, director of Queenbank; Iloilo City Councilors Sedfrey Cabaluna, Miguel Treñas, Urminico Baronda, Rudolf Jeffrey Ganzon, SK Federation president Jelma Implica and other key figures.

Through the careful placement of lights on each tree, the Sunburst Park, a cherished landmark in Iloilo City, was transformed into a radiant spectacle in the downtown area.

The illumination is exceptional because the lights are crafted from Capiz shells, directly sourced from Capiz and delivered to Iloilo City.

This undertaking is more than just an aesthetic addition to the city; it’s a gesture of unity and celebration.

More than a display of lights, the “Illumination of Sunburst Park” is a testament to the city’s progress and the collaborative efforts of its people in creating joyful and brighter holiday experiences for everyone. It marks a significant contribution by the Florete Group to the city and its residents, highlighting their dedication to the community’s well-being.

As the Sunburst Park comes to life in the evening, residents and visitors alike are invited to witness the beauty of the newly lit park and be part of the luminous spectacle that will surely become a cherished tradition for years to come.