Iloilo City eyes removal of unused Lapaz overpass

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Mayor Jerry Treñas of Iloilo City has proposed the removal of the underutilized pedestrian overpass located on Luna Street in La Paz in light of reports that the overpass has become a shelter for mendicants.

During a press briefing on April 1, Treñas disclosed long-standing considerations for the overpass’s demolition.

“I’ve been contemplating its removal. It would be more practical to take it down since it no longer fulfills its purpose,” he said,

Consultations with OIC City Engineer Salvador Pedregosa have begun, including steps for Commission on Audit (COA) approval.

Trenas also remarked on the overpass’s antiquated design, likening it to a house, which may contribute to its lack of pedestrian use.

Constructed to connect West Visayas State University and Iloilo National High School, and echoing a previously razed structure near the Iloilo Provincial Capitol, the overpass was originally intended to ease traffic in the mid-90s under the guidance of then-Congressman Raul Gonzalez Sr. and Mayor Mansueto Malabor.

However, its effectiveness has been minimal, with sparse pedestrian traffic.

A WVSU alumnus suggested to Daily Guardian that replacing the overpass with a pedestrian lane might be more beneficial, as the current structure is not only underused but has become a hindrance.

“Demolishing it would be better because it doesn’t really help us; it’s not being utilized, just becoming a nuisance. It would be preferable to replace it with a pedestrian lane,” expressed a former student of WVSU to the Daily Guardian.

Another college student from the same institution, who also resides nearby, voiced concerns about the safety of the overpass, particularly at night due to poor lighting and its enclosed structure.


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