Iloilo City gears up for Dinagyang Festival’s Opening Salvo on Jan. 12

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By Mariela Angella Oladive

Renowned as one of the Philippines’ largest festivities, the Iloilo City‘s Dinagyang Festival is all set to kick off with a grand opening salvo on January 12.

According to Eric Divinagracia, artistic and creative director of the Dinagyang Tribes Competition 2024 of the Iloilo Festivals Foundation Inc. (IFFI), the opening salvo will commence with a mass at 1:30 p.m. at San Jose Parish church, followed by a parade leading towards the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand for the official program.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas will declare the opening of the Dinagyang Festival 2024 after delivering a message.

Eight participating tribes for the Dinagyang ILOmination Streetdance Competition will lead a unity dance: Tribu Taga-Baryo (Bo. Obrero National High School), Tribu Mandu-riyaw (Mandurriao NHS), Tribu Paghidaet (La Paz NHS), Tribu Pan-ay (Fort San Pedro NHS), Tribu Salognon (Jaro NHS), Tribu Sigabong (Ramon Avanceña NHS), Tribu Ilonganon (Jalandoni Memorial NHS), and Tribu Silak (Iloilo City NHS).

Adding glamor to the event is the introduction of the 15 candidates for Miss Iloilo 2024.

Simultaneously, dancing warriors from the tribes participating in the Sadsad sa Calle Real – Tribu Aninipay, Tribu Ibata sa Paghiliugyon, Tribu Molave, Tribu Panaad, and Tribu Parianon – will captivate the audience with their lively dance moves.


Meanwhile, the Iloilo City Traffic Management Unit (ICTMU) issued an advisory warning motorists and the public of road closures and traffic rerouting during the event and the expected traffic congestion.

The road closure will start at 12:00 noon to facilitate the event.

ICTMU head Urdanico Garbanzos said the affected areas include locations surrounding the four judging areas: the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand, the Iloilo Provincial Capitol, Mabini-Delgado Streets, and Quezon-Ledesma Streets.

Garbanzos, drawing on experiences from the recent Kasadyahan opening salvo, explained that the traffic rerouting scheme would be expanded this time due to the tribes performing in four judging areas.

In light of potential congestion, he advised the public to be prepared to walk, especially in areas leading to designated loading and unloading zones for public utility jeepneys.

Emergency lanes along Muelle Loney, Laguda in La Paz, Esplanade 5 in Nabitasan, La Paz, and Rizal Street in City Proper will also be maintained.

Two clearing teams will be deployed to prevent illegal parking and road obstructions in the affected areas.

As part of their proactive measures, the ICTMU has outlined a comprehensive Dinagyang Opening Salvo – Road Closure and Traffic Rerouting Plan for January 12.

Route of Parade:

From Iloilo Dinagyang Grandstand (Muelle Loney), turn left onto Peralta St., then right onto JM Basa St. towards Fermin Caram St. leading to Casa Plaza (Iloilo Provincial Capitol). Turn left onto General Luna St., then left onto Mabini St., followed by a left onto Delgado St. Finally, turn right onto Quezon St., and left onto Ledesma St. towards JM Basa St.

Temporary Road Closure:

The following streets are declared NO ENTRY during the DINAGYANG 2024 Opening Salvo:

City Proper area:

  • General Luna – Muelle Loney (from Muelle Loney to Arroyo Fountain)
  • Montinola St. (from Muelle Loney to Fermin Caram St.)
  • Solis St. (from Muelle Loney to Valeria St.)
  • Yulo St. (from Muelle Loney to Valeria St.)
  • Arroyo St. (from Muelle Loney to JM Basa St.)
  • Arsenal St. (from Muelle Loney to JM Basa St.)
  • Aldeguer St. (from Muelle Loney to Iznart St.)
  • Guanco St. (from Muelle Loney to Rizal St.)
  • Mapa St. (from Rizal St. to JM Basa St.)
  • Ortiz St. (from Rizal St. to Muelle Loney St.)
  • Melliza St. (from De La Rama St. to Muelle Loney St.)
  • Calasan St. (from De La Rama St. to Ortiz St.)
  • Blumentritt St. (from Blumentritt/Muelle Loney to Iloilo Dinagyang Grandstand)
  • Zamora St. (from Zamora St. to JM Basa St.)
  • General Luna St./Jalandoni St. (from Jalandoni St. going to General Luna St.)
  • Delgado St./Fuentes St. (from Fuentes St. going to Mabini St.)
  • Mabini St./Ledesma St. (from Mabini/Ledesma St. going to Delgado St. and Quezon St.)
  • De Leon St./Quezon St. (from De Leon St. going to Ledesma St.) De Leon St./Valeria St. (from De Leon St. going to Ledesma St.)
  • Iznart St./De Leon St. (from Iznart St. going to Ledesma St.)
  • Muelle Loney St./Hervas St. (from Hervas St. going to Iloilo Dinagyang Grandstand)
  • Dela Rama St./Hervas St. (from Hervas St. going to Calasan St.)
  • Zamora St./Calasan St. (from Zamora St. going to Ortiz St.)
  • Zamora St./Sto. Rosario St. (from Zamora St. going to Calasan St.)

Lapaz area:

  • Atty. Cesar Drilon Bridge – from PPA to Muelle Loney Street
  • Quirino Bridge – from Rizal Street to Muelle Loney Street
  • Rex Drilon Bridge – from Rizal Street to Muelle Loney Street
  • Luna Street – from Huervana Street to Forbes Bridge
  • Esplanade 5
  • Esplanade 7

Alternative Routes:

All vehicles may take alternative routes coming from the City Proper/Molo/La Paz/Lapuz area (vice versa).

Trucks/Trailers No Entry:

Trucks and trailers are not allowed to enter or exit City Proper during the opening salvo.

In preparation for the festivities, blocking rehearsals are scheduled on January 9-10 for the opening salvo, January 21 for ILOmination, January 22-23 for the Dinagyang Tribes Competition, and January 24-25 for the Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan Festival.