Iloilo City to procure wheel clamps for parking enforcement

Shutterstock photo

By Mariela Angella Oladive

In an effort to combat the ongoing issue of illegal parking, the Iloilo City government is set to purchase 150 wheel clamps.

Mayor Jerry P. Treñas revealed the plan during a press conference, addressing the current challenges and outlining a new strategy to enforce parking laws more effectively.

“I have instructed the city administrator to acquire clamps. 50 wheel clamps each will be allocated for four-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles,” Mayor Treñas said.

He also mentioned that policy specifics for trisikads are still under consideration.

The mayor confirmed that the procurement process has commenced. Although he did not disclose the budget details for this acquisition, he assured that the costs for the clamps are reasonable and affordable for the city budget.

This initiative is directed at deterring motorists from parking unlawfully and aims to enhance the city’s traffic management system.

Treñas highlighted prevalent problems, such as taxis taking up spaces in areas like the Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 precincts along Fort San Pedro and outside Westwoods, as well as trucks lining the circumferential road.

“We can’t monitor them all the time, so it’s better if we just clamp them when we see them,” he said, emphasizing the practicality of the clamps in managing these issues.

The enforcement of wheel clamping is set to begin as soon as the procurement is finalized, signaling the city’s dedicated approach to maintaining order on its streets and promoting an uninterrupted flow of traffic for the welfare of its citizens.