Iloilo police told to intensify mobile  night patrol amidst rise in theft cases

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

The Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) ordered chiefs of police to heighten their mobile patrols, especially during nighttime and wee hours of the day, following the increase in theft cases in the first semester of 2022.

Colonel Adrian Acollador, Iloilo police chief, noted that the province recorded 58 theft incidents for the first six months of the year. The number is 24 percent more from last year’s 44 cases.

While the eight focus crimes decreased by more than 19 percent, theft and motornapping spiked.

Acollador enjoined the station chiefs to intensify the mobile patrolling, especially from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

“You have to stay awake while the people are in their deep slumber,” he told his subordinate commanders.

He also advised the station chiefs to mobilize the barangay tanods and other support groups, especially in remote villages.

“Everyone must lift a finger to deter thieves and robbers from victimizing the unwary public,” he said.

Acollador said that lean months could be one of the factors for some people to engage in thievery and robbery.

Commercial establishments, vendors, and kiosk owners are also reminded to be vigilant against individuals or groups employing “salisi,” a theft modus operandi involving two to four suspects.

Likewise, he reiterated to the public to get the hotline numbers of police stations as these may come handy in case of emergency.

“If you observe suspicious activities or personalities in your area, call the police immediately,” he said.