Iloilo Sports Academy launch eyed in January 2020

As the new sports division head, Rudiver Jungco’s goal is to level up the Iloilo Sports Scene (Iloilo City Sports Development Division FB Page)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

#LevelUpIloilo isn’t only a hashtag.

For the one who formulated the concept, the Iloilo City Sports Development Division considers it their living mantra.

Bit by bit, the Iloilo City sports scene is indeed leveling up.

In an interview with Executive Assistant for Sports, Mr. Rudiver Jungco Sr. said that one of the main goals of his office is to build the Iloilo Sports Academy, a venue where Ilonggo athletes can be taught various sports from its basics to the advanced.

“We are planning nga hopefully malaunch naton ina this January, and I am very happy with this project because it focuses with the development of our Ilonggo athletes and help them reach their true potential.” Jungco told the Daily Guardian in an interview.

Jungco also said that the priority would be the less-fortunate and the indigent Ilonggos to somehow help them through sports and let that be their stepping stone.

“Priority naton diri ang mga indigent Ilonggos, and we want them to help themselves and help their kids through sports. Example, mag mayo performance sang bata nila we can recommend them to a scholarship because may potential siya as an athlete. The Iloilo Sports Academy will help them reach that goal,” Jungco stated.

The Academy will cater 18 sports, and the ICSDD together with the Iloilo City Government will hire professional coaches for the kids’ proper training and development.

The Academy is open to all Ilonggos, but there will be a ratio between the indigent and the fortunate, for every 8 indigent participants, there will be 2 well-equipped students that will join them.

“This is just the start, I hope tanan nga mga Ilonggos will cooperate and will help us reach someone’s dream through sports,” said Jungco.