Ilonggo professor launches book on fiber and weaving in collaboration with FEU

(UPDATED) “Pina Futures: Weaving Memories and Innovations” by Randy M. Madrid, PhD was formally launched on February 28, 2023 at the Far Eastern University, Sampaloc, Manila in time for the end of the Arts Month.

Present during the event were Chairman Emeritus of FEU, Dr. Lourdes Montinola, HABI Philippines chairman and founder Maribel Ongpin, HABI Textile Council president Adelaida Lim, and FEU Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Atty. Gianna R. Montinola.

The book is a 280-page and 7 chapter quintessential book on the past, present, and future of piña fabric as an island textile, garment of honor and identity, and treasure of the world.

The book was co-published by HABI: the Philippine Textile Council and the Far Eastern University publications. It drew inspiration from the book “Piña” published by Dr. Lourdes Montinola in the 1990s.

The author is an established historian and writer with more than a decade of advocacy in the preservation and popularization of Central Philippine textile heritage.

Other collaborators of the book include Rhona Lopa Macasaet (editor), Ramon Ramirez (photographer), Carlo Eliserio (field researcher and photo contributor), Lance Caperal (publications manager), and Felix Mago Miguel (book designer), among others.

In 2013, Madrid also wrote in HABI’s first book, “Habi: A Journey of Philippine Textiles,” an article on the history and evolution of Hablon. Madrid belongs to the Social Studies Cluster of the Division of Professional Education, CAS, UP Visayas.

He believes that one of the most effective ways of sustaining Philippine Textile Heritage is through cultural education of the younger generation. He promotes the value of teaching them to appreciate and take pride of their culture, making it useful and usable to present and future realities. (Ms. AL Ramirez, IPO)