‘I’M NOT SHY OR A SNOB’: PRO-6 chief denies adopting unorthodox media interview policy

Regional Public Information Office 6 Photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Reports of the newly-appointed Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 chief, Brigadier General Jack Wanky, adopting an unorthodox approach to media interviews have received mixed reactions.

The PRO-6 public information office described this unorthodox approach as “requiring all media interviews (live, phone patch, etc.) with acting regional director (Wanky) to be coordinated through the PIO or Public Information Office.”

Major Mary Grace Borio, PRO-6 spokesperson chief, said that media personnel will be asked to submit questions in advance before conducting an interview. Borio will then schedule an interview with Wanky, if his schedule allows. In other instances, she may answer on his behalf.

However, during his first press conference as PRO-6 chief, Wanky denied implementing such a policy.

“May hindi po tayo napagkaka-intindihan. May miscommunication about that,” he said.

The miscommunication may have stemmed from Wanky’s unavailability to press interviews right after he assumed office more than a week ago.

Wanky recounted that after he assumed his post on Feb. 19, he was inundated with calls and text messages for interviews.

“I was then very busy at that time kay ara aton chief PNP. Damo ta visitors who came in from Metro Manila. I’ve been busy attending to them until such time that they left for Iloilo,” he explained.

He admitted that sometimes he might not check his phone for calls or text messages for several hours. He added that he did not want to make an impression that he was a snob.

“Indi ko gusto nga ang dating ko sa inyo ay suplado. May ara gali kamo nga text nga indi ko na nabasahan. So ano impression ninyo sa akon?” he said.

This was the reason why he had asked Borio to inform media personnel that if he could not respond, they could temporarily direct their queries to her, to avoid appearing unapproachable.

“Siguro I was taken out of context nga ang tanan na lang mag-agi sa iya,” he added.

Wanky emphasized that he has always been approachable to the media. Reflecting on his time as director of the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO), he noted, “I’m always open to the office as long as I’m available. I’m not the media-shy type. Anytime I can answer you, I would. When I’m not available, then there’s the PIO,” he said.

And Wanky clarified, “that’s the policy.”