Improved roads facilitate more desirable transportation in northern Negros Occidental

Asphalt overlay of the 1.549-kilometer portion of Bacolod North Road in Manapla town (left), and concreting of 414-lane meter road to Villa Victorias Housing resettlement in Victorias City. (Photos: DPWH-Negros Occidental 1st DEO)

Traveling to various cities and towns in northern Occidental is getting more desirable, convenient and with the improved roads provided by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH Negros Occidental 1st District Engineering Office completed the asphalt overlaying along Bacolod North road specifically in Manapla town, and road concreting in Victorias City.

Based on the report of OIC-District Engineer Dene B. Baldonado, Jr., OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said the road improvement projects will benefit motorists, as well as various local sectors, tourism and economic development in northern Negros Occidental.

“With the asphalt-paved Bacolod North Road, motorists and the traveling public will have a faster, hassle-free, and safer transportation access from Bacolod City to the northern and eastern coastal cities and towns in the province,” OIC-RD Sanny Boy O. Oropel said.

“This preventive maintenance will provide a long-term convenience among residents as well as tourists going to various attractions. Asphalt overlay prevents surface water from penetrating the underlying pavement, which could cause defects and road weakening,” RD Oropel added.

“The asphalt road is safe, smooth, and durable. It is cost-efficient, fast to be constructed and maintained, and environment-friendly. It significantly reduces noise pollution, offers high skid resistance and provides high color contrast between pavement and road markings, giving drives better road visibility in any given weather condition,” he stressed.

Oropel further said that overlaying the road with asphalt strengthens the pavement, corrects surface defects and improves pavement serviceability, preventing early deterioration and extending the life span of the national road

On the other hand, OIC-DE Dene B. Baldonado, Jr., said that the paved road in Victorias City leads to Villa Victorias Housing settlements, providing residents with a more comfortable, safer access.

“This concrete road will improve transportation and delivery of goods and services and usher more development not just for residents but for the bigger community in the area,” OIC-DE Baldonado said.

“With the improved road condition, health, education, social and other basic government programs and services can reach especially to the people in the relocation sites, making the government closer to the people,” OIC-DE Baldonado added.

The ₱35-million project in Manapla town involves asphalt paving of a 1.549-kilometer portion of the 163.52-kilometer Bacolod North Road, while the ₱6-million road concreting project in Victorias City involves concrete paving of 414-lane meter, 2-lane road with grouted riprap for slope protection.