Inasal is one of the world’s best traditional dishes in 2022

(Photo courtesy of Food Park)

By Sean Rafio

The Philippines’ Inasal na Manok ranked 36th out of 100 in Taste Atlas’ latest list of best traditional dishes in the world in 2022.

Inasal na Manok earned an average score of 4.63 based on audience ratings, according to Taste Atlas.

Ranking first was Japanese Karē, with an average score of 4.92. Philippines’ Sisig also made it to the list at No. 62.

Taste Atlas also ranked Filipino cuisine as the 23rd in its World’s Best Cuisine list with a rating of 4.25 stars.

In its article listing the “100 Best Rated Dishes in the World in 2022,” Taste Atlas described Inasal na Manok as “a unique peppery flavor.”

“It employs various chicken cuts marinated in a mixture of vinegar and numerous spices such as lemongrass, garlic, and ginger,” it added.

Taste Atlas also noted that Inasal na Manok was declared an important cultural property of Bacolod last November 16, 2022.

For the best places to eat Inasal, Taste Atlas recommended six restaurants in the Philippines, based on ratings from their food critics. Topping the list is Aida’s Manokan in Bacolod.