inDrive boosts Bacolod drivers’ income and choices

inDrive, the globally recognized mobility service, has made significant strides in the Philippines by extending its services to passengers and TNVS drivers, with a particular focus on the economic empowerment of drivers in Bacolod City.

With its people-driven approach, inDrive aims to rectify injustices in the ride-hailing domain through consumer advocacy and equal opportunity for growth.

Since its pilot phase in select cities, including Bacolod, inDrive has celebrated the dedication of its drivers, acknowledging their commitment to family and superior service provision for every consumer.

For local drivers like Benjie Deniega and Elizandro Robles, inDrive has been a game-changer. Benjie disclosed that finding substantial bookings was a struggle, often leading to idle hours and affecting daily income. Elizandro also faced challenges, such as meeting vehicle installment costs and handling difficult passengers with professionalism.

Despite these adversities, inDrive emerged as a beacon of hope for Benjie and Elizandro, providing them with a user-friendly platform that aligns with their goals and increases their earnings potential. Both drivers, introduced to inDrive by a colleague, have since become advocates for the app’s ease of use and income opportunities.

Elizandro expressed his gratitude towards inDrive, noting how it has enabled him to manage his financial responsibilities and better support his family. He, along with Benjie, has enjoyed an increase in bookings, thereby ensuring steady income even during late-night hours, and has seized the opportunity to enhance passenger relations.

Elizandro reflects on the impact: “Malaki talaga ang impact ni inDrive sa aming mga driver dito sa Bacolod dahil nabigyan kami ng extra source of income. Malaki ang tulong nito sa pamilya naming mga driver sa pang araw-araw.” (inDrive has had a significant impact on us drivers here in Bacolod because it has provided an extra source of income. It’s a great help for our families’ daily expenses.)

Safety for both passengers and drivers is a priority, and inDrive facilitates this by allowing both parties to review profiles before accepting journey requests, ensuring informed decisions about the people they will be traveling with.

Globally, inDrive operates in over 700 cities across 46 countries and is the second most downloaded ride-hailing app. With a mission that extends beyond mobility to challenging social injustices, inDrive is committed to creating a more equitable world for people everywhere.