IPOPHL lauded for IP awareness efforts

The Philippines remains a leader in intellectual property innovation, according to the World Trademark Review’s IP Office Innovation Ranking 2024.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) earned accolades for its comprehensive awareness and education campaigns that extend beyond the online realm.

In the sixth edition of the report, IPOPHL ranked 13th globally. The ranking, conducted by the World Trademark Review, assesses various online metrics and value-add propositions, interviewing more than 100 trademark practitioners from 48 jurisdictions about non-core tools and services offered by their local trademark offices.

The interviews highlighted IPOPHL’s “dynamic and innovative” approach, particularly its effective management during the pandemic to ensure that IP practices were not adversely affected.

IPOPHL received praise for its efforts to spread IP awareness among the public, particularly in educational institutions. These efforts have reportedly increased interest in intellectual property among law students.

One of IPOPHL’s key initiatives is the IP Academy, the country’s center for IP education, research, and professionalization.

The Academy has conducted IP Roadshows across various regions, bringing the world of IP closer to schools and students. Last year, IPOPHL held an IP Career Expo, attracting graduating and law students to explore the diverse fields of IP.

The IP Academy also launched the IP CIRCLE League, a series of inter-school competitions, including IP quizzes, debates, advocacy posters, and short film contests. IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba described these activities as “effective in sparking the youth’s competitive spirit and desire to engage in meaningful discussions.”

Additionally, the IP Academy regularly conducts the IP Homecoming program, career talk sessions held at various law schools and universities. These events showcase success stories of alumni engaged in the field of IP.

IPOPHL also offers a Student Internship and Practicum Program, providing hands-on experience in IP work through on-the-job training and exposure to IPOPHL’s daily operations.

Barba emphasized IPOPHL’s commitment to expanding IP awareness beyond law students to include all students and professionals.

“IPOPHL will sustain its efforts to bring IP not just to law students but all types of students and professionals who focus their energies on making ideas come to life, whether in the form of artworks, innovations, or business products that can make an impact,” he said.

IP Academy Officer-in-Charge Frederick P. Romero encouraged the public to follow the IP Academy Facebook page for updates on upcoming events, promising that “the IP Academy is devoting more time to ensure that IP is known and is made more relatable to the experiences of Filipino students and professionals.” (Janina C. Lim/Information Officer III)


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