ON THE 55th anniversary of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI), also known as the national association of Philippine newspapers, established in 1964, we do not only celebrate its longevity but remind ourselves of its relevance and mandate in both national and community affairs as the fourth estate and watchdog.

While the organization remains steadfast and committed to upholding the legacy of the media workers who initiated its creation 55 years ago, and all efforts by individuals and groups in safeguarding and fighting for a free press to this day — we shall continue to regard the principles and values of professional and ethical journalism as fundamental to serving the public and keeping up with the evolving media landscape.

Our positions on several media issues, in solidarity with other media groups remain the same: unite against and condemn any form of violence towards media workers.

The print is not dying. It will not die. It is – being and will be – challenged by other platforms, news or otherwise.

Newspapers have survived the test of times.

There’s nothing like — the smell of ink used to weave words, turning pages, headlines jumping out from the frame, sharing the paper to the next reader, fancying a menagerie of contents, running the fingers across a tapestry of creative visuals, and being part of history as it unfolds.

We thank all our partners, major and minor, for journeying with us and providing the needs for our programs. There are no small contributions. We treasure old and current partnerships, and welcome those with well-meaning efforts and values that are congruent with PPI’s.

Lastly, salute to the PPI members! You are the reason for its being.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinong mamamahayag!