It takes decades for pro-women laws to get Congress’ nod compared to only 2 weeks for RBH 7

Haste doesn’t just make waste; it also bears a dubious agenda. This is according to women leaders in the labor movement who are celebrating International Women’s Day today.

Partido Manggagawa (PM) Secretary General Judy Ann Miranda, said they were referring to the Resolution of Both Houses No. 7 (RBH 7) that was swiftly approved by the House of Representatives’ Committee of the Whole with only six days of marathon hearing.

In an earlier statement, Miranda said the lightning approval of RBH 7 “is equivalent to a political hack which is unthinkable for a huge political body known for being laggard and protracted in its lawmaking process, especially when it comes to women and other social development agenda.”

Miranda cited as an example the lengthy years of enacting the reproductive health bill, which took 14 years, and now the proposed divorce law, as well as the right to safe and affordable abortion even for special cases, may even take longer.  The same is true, she added, when it comes to the proposed wage hike as the last act of Congress in legislating the wage hike was in 1989.

Photos of women’s rallies yesterday that includes demands against charter change and for public services can be accessed at PM FB: