THE Japan Foundation, Manila, in collaboration with Ayala Museum and Ayala Malls, with the support of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, presentContemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke, a traveling exhibitionto open at Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Bacolod City from May 1 to 26, 2019 and at Ayala Malls Greenbelt 5 from July 1 to 21, 2019. Viewing is free.

As kimono culture flourished during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868), netsuke, small carvings, were created as toggles to secure the small personal items such as money pouches, inr?(medicine containers), or tobacco containers wornsuspended on cords from the obi (a sash worn with kimono). What began as functional pieces to prevent those little containers from falling to the ground evolved into small but highly creative carvings. Today, classic netsuke have gained international acclaim and regard as remarkably detailed carvings. In Japan, meanwhile, some netsuke enthusiasts and carvershave managed to keep the tradition alive.

Netsuke is unique in that daily commodities have evolved into art form in the course of time.I believe viewers can enjoy and appreciate the delicate work of art created by Japanese craftsmanship.” shares Hiroaki Uesugi, Director of The Japan Foundation, Manila.

Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke, our new traveling exhibition, is an innovative contemporary crafts exhibition presenting 65 works by contemporary Japanese netsuke carvers and artists.

A series of special events are also lined up to complement the Netsuke exhibition. To celebrate Philippine-Japan Friendship Month in July, we have also invited two renowned netsuke artists and experts from Japan, Mr. Tadamine Nakagawa and Ms. Asuka Kajiurato give a lecture and demonstration about this distinct and historical art form.


Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke Exhibition

May 1 26, 2019

1st Floor, Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Bacolod City

Mall hours: Mon-Thurs, 10 AM to 9 PM; Fri-Sun 10 AM to 10 PM


July 1 21, 2019

3rd Level, Greenbelt 5 Phase 1, Makati City

Mall hours: Mon-Thurs, 11 AM to 9 PM; Fri-Sun 11 AM to 10 PM

Special Events:

  • Japanese Yukata Demonstration and Workshop

5 pm, May 1, Activity Center, Ayala Capitol Central Bacolod


Netsuke Talk and Demonstration With Tadamine Nakagawa and Asuka Kajiura

Phase 1, Greenbelt 5

*More information to be announced

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