JB ABL stages second straight donation drive in partnership with BINHI sang Paglaum

Kudos, JB ABL! (Jayphet Balbacal)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

JB ABL is bigger than basketball.

From staging the biggest basketball leagues in Iloilo City to nurturing the future prospects of Ilonggo hoops, the JB Amateur Basketball League (JB ABL) also dished out their biggest assists off the court.

For the second straight time, the JB ABL committee spearheaded by owner and commissioner Jayphet Balbacal, will be conducting a donation drive in collaboration with nonprofit organization BINHI sang Paglaum.

An organization built by volunteers with the main aim of assisting kids and those in need of help, BINHI sang Paglaum will be having a donation drive to their beneficiary barangay in the coming months.

According to Mr. Balbacal, the JB ABL committee already pledged several pieces of sports equipment to the chosen barangay of BINHI sang Paglaum.

A part of the teams’ registration and JB ABL’s monetary contribution will be used in buying the equipment. Aside from this, the committee also decided to lend financial support to one of the participating coach’s family members who is undergoing medical care.

Last November 2023, JB ABL had its first partnership with BINHI when they purchased toys, food, and sporting equipment to Brgy. Dalid in Alimodian.

Also, a part of the proceeds of JB ABL’s Battle of the 7 Districts gate tickets were sent to a beneficiary who needed medical support.

“Ikaduwa ta na ni nga bulig sa BINHI. Sa sulod sang court, we are known as basketball organizers, but off the court, tawo man kita gypn, nga may taguipusuon pra mag bulig. Kita diri sa JB ABL, mag lakat nta palayo sa basketball court, gapadayon gypn ang umpok indi lang sang bola kundi pati ang aton character sa kabuhi,” said Balbacal in an exclusive interview with the Daily Guardian.

Currently, JB ABL is nearing the culmination of its ongoing School Wars 2 season. There are still four categories actively ongoing: The women’s division, high school seniors and juniors alumni, college alumni, and college active varsity.