Jordan amongst PSA’s most innovative LCRO awardees nationwide

Municipal Civil Registrar Jesus Millondaga receives the award as a finalist in the PSA’s search for the most innovative Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) nationwide in 2022 that was given during the 2nd National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (2nd NCCRVS) on October 6-7, 2022, held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The Municipal Civil Registry Office (MCRO) of Jordan, Guimaras was among the Philippine Statistics Authority’s (PSA) most innovative Local Civil Registry Office (LCROs) awardees nationwide.

“MCRO Jordan, headed by Ms. Jesusa Millondaga, was among the finalists, ranked 9th among the 40 competing LCRO innovations and the sole entry from Western Visayas,” Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare said.

“Top awardees were recognized during the 2nd National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (2nd NCCRVS) on October 6-7, 2022, held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila,” Losare added.

Losare emphasized that the 2nd NCCRVS aims at providing updates on Civil Registry Laws, enhancing and upgrading the knowledge and expertise of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars and staff, and awarding the most performing and the “Most Innovative Local Civil Registry Offices nationwide.

“The LCROs play a vital role in nation-building and development thus, we are proud of coming up with innovations to bridge the gap in civil registration services and to have a distinct style and approaches to make the services simple and accessible for all,” Jordan MCRO Jesusa Millondaga said.

The LCRO of Jordan showcased five (5) innovations: the e-BCRS; the Computerized indexing of CRD and systematic filing and retrieval; the Computerized Monitoring and Tracking System; the Digitization of all Civil Registry Documents; and the sustainability of the Philippine Civil Registry Information System (PhilCRIS), Batch Request Entry System (BREQS), Mass Weddings, Mobile Registrations, PhilSys Barangay Registration Assistance Project (PBRAP), and the Community Service.

Millondaga said the e-BCRS is an electronic Barangay Civil Registry Services database developed to respond to the call for the realization of the CRVS decade goal that “No Filipino will be left behind, unregistered in 2024”.

“The e-BCRS is a tool for identifying unregistered individuals and unmarried couples in the Barangays and subjected as recipients of Free Mobile Registration and Mass Wedding. The Barangay Secretaries and the Barangay Civil Registry Agents (BCRAs) were tasked to collect the information needed for late registration. Unregistered individuals belonging to the marginalized communities availed of the PhilSys Birth Registration Assistance Project (PBRAP) free of all charges,” Millondaga said.

Another innovation implemented by LCRO Jordan is the “Computerized indexing of CRD and systematic filing and retrieval,” wherein the Civil registry documents since 1946 are indexed, electronically filed, and are accessible in the LCRO by authorized personnel only.

The said innovation decreased information retrieval time, increased the accuracy of the information, and improved client services in compliance with the Citizen’s Charter of the Office.

“Computerized Monitoring and Tracking System is the third innovation implemented by LCRO Jordan intended for the Local Civil Registry Office transactions and operations,” Millondaga said.

A system that monitors and tracks the status of all clients’ transactions and their present status which the LCRO personnel can access to monitor and trace transactions status and location to help fast track the processing, lessen or minimize the processing time,” Millondaga added.

The 4th entry of Jordan MCRO is the Digitization of all Civil Registry Documents, wherein this innovation aims at practicing electronic archiving in preserving, protecting, and for easy access to all Civil Registry Documents, backed up in different drives to avoid data losses and maximizing office space, promoting hazard-free environment for employees.

Millondaga also elaborated that the sustainability of all programs and activities such as PHILCRIS, BREQS, Mass weddings, Mobile registrations, PBRAP, and Community Service is also helpful in addressing the gaps with the support of the Local Chief Executive by providing the corresponding annual budget for its continued implementation, the fifth innovation of LCRO Jordan.

“Civil Registry Documents are vital in one’s life, entrusted to our Office for safekeeping and data privacy protection, we are liable to the document owner, which pushes us to strategize and implement innovations to protect and preserve the documents,” Millondaga said.

Meanwhile, PSO Losare also underscored that for the Philippines to achieve its international commitment that by 2024 no one should be left behind unregistered, the LCROs and the PSA should work together to address the gaps.

“We are glad that the Jordan LCRO took the lead in implementing such innovations, worth rewarding, placing them at rank 9th among the top 16 most innovative LCROs in 2022,” Losare said.

“The said innovations may be also replicated and institutionalized by other LCROs in Guimaras Province,” Losare added.