JRMP II enters 3rd year of implementation, Jalaur High Dam rises to 33 meters high

The implementation of Iloilo’s biggest irrigation development project is now on its third year this 2022.

Amidst the pandemic, the Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) remains on schedule with an overall physical accomplishment of 47. 37% as of February.

Highlights of this period’s accomplishments include the progress of the ongoing construction of the Jalaur High Dam, Afterbay Dam, and irrigation components.

As of this writing, the construction of the Jalaur High Dam, the reservoir dam of the project, has already reached 33.1 meters high out of its 109 meters structural height.

Works for the High Dam specifically the placement of its concrete body was commenced by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), lead implementing agency, and Daewoo Engineering and Construction (DEC), international contractor, last June 2021.

The largest of the three dams, it will store an estimated of 250.70 million cubic meters of water that will be utilized for irrigation, hydropower, potable water supply, inland fishery, and eco-tourism purposes.

Meanwhile, construction of the Jalaur Afterbay Dam, the regulating dam, is likewise ongoing and is in fact almost halfway of its target.

Presently, it is already at 17 meters high out of its 38.5 meters structural height.

Considering favorable weather and uninterrupted activities, NIA expects to finish the Afterbay Dam by end of 2022 or first quarter of 2023.

The implementation of the High Dam and Afterbay Dam are the first time for NIA to use the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) method in dam construction.

The RCC is a modern method adopted worldwide as alternative to conventional concrete due to its economic value, high performance, and high speed of construction.

Furthermore, simultaneous to the construction of the dams is the implementation of the irrigation component which includes the High Line Canal and the Main and Lateral Canals of the project.

The construction of the 80.736 kilometers long High Line Canal, the main conveyance structure of JRMP II, is currently all together done in the Municipalities of Calinog, Lambunao, Janiuay and Cabatuan.

At the helm of project implementation is Engineer Jonel Borres, Project Manager, who continues to call for support as the project is now a year away from completion.

No less than the NIA Top Management under the able leadership of Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya continues to oversee the progress of the project to ensure that it will be completed as planned amidst the pandemic.

NIA intends to finish this important economic development project by end of December 2023.

Branded as “Partner in Progress”, JRMP II is a much-deserved and much-needed development for every Ilonggo family. # NIA-JRMP II/ Steve Cordero