Kaya FC-Iloilo looks to end season on high note

Jordan Mintah will once again answer the call as they look to finish the season against the Archers (Kaya FB Page)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

With the 2019 Philippines Football League season drawing to a close, runner-up Kaya FC-Iloilo is looking to finish its two remaining games in dominant fashion and leave a strong impression.

Kaya FC and the Green Archers are clashing today and both teams will seek to finish their respective seasons on a high note.

Green Archers lost all their outing against Kaya but as their games progressed, it seemed like they have executed brilliant defensive schemes to stop the offensive artillery of the Iloilo squad.

During their last game, Kaya only scored one goal despite many solid attempts due to the Archers’ defense that bothered and clogged the lanes to disrupt Kaya’s flow.

But with a healthier and more complete lineup, Kaya FC is looking to bring the momentum from their winning streak and dictate the pace and the match.