KNIGHT WITH SEWING KIT: Taxi driver saves passenger from wardrobe disaster

Light of Glory taxi driver Remy Surita Jr. saves the day for Novie Joy Balete Ventereso of Batad, Iloilo when he volunteered to sew her torn pants. (Photo courtesy of Novie Joy Balete Ventereso)

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

An Ilonggo taxi driver went beyond his duty by saving his passenger from a rather embarrassing and distressful situation on Sunday.

Twenty-four-year-old Novie Joy Balete Ventereso of Batad, Iloilo was all dressed up to attend the oath-taking ceremony of licensed professional teachers at the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) when she boarded a Light of Glory Taxi on Sunday morning.

She was wearing a nude top layered shirt with matching blue coat and pants sewed by her mother.

She was almost a few meters away from the venue when she noticed a tear in her newly-tailored pants.

Pakadto na ko sa venue and ginaistorya ko ang akon workmate about accessories then I noticed na may tastas na gale akon pants,” she told Daily Guardian.

Ventereso who was already worried sought the help of the taxi driver to locate a nearby tailoring shop.

Ginhambalan ko siya na natastas na ang tahi sang akon pants kag ginpamangkot kon may nabal-an siya nga patahian,” she shared.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver said she might not find a tailoring shop since it was a Sunday.

Ventereso said the taxi driver volunteered to buy thread and needle and super glue for her torn pants.

Gin-try namon ang super glue but indi gid siya magdukot,” she lamented.

On regular days, Ventereso said she can sew by hand, but at that time she was too anxious and nervous.

Kabalo man ko magtahi sang mano-mano pero that time nag-panic na gid ko and daw indi ko maintindihan,” she said.

To her surprise, the taxi driver offered help and stitched her pants by hand – saving her from an almost horrifying incident.

The taxi driver also managed to bring Ventereso to the venue on time and she was able to parade her repaired blue pants on stage.

Touched by the good deed of the taxi driver, Ventereso shared her inspiring story on Facebook where it garnered admiration and praises from netizens.

The kind cabbie was later identified as Remy Surita Jr.

“Thank you gid manong sa pagbulig sa akon maskin sa pagtahi lang sang akon nga slacks. Tani damo ka pa may mabuligan kag tani ibless ka pa ni Lord sang thousand fold pa gid sa ginubra mo nga good deed,” Ventereso said when asked for her message to the taxi driver.