Labor to file petition for wage increase if…

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – General Alliance of Workers Association Wennie Sancho today, Jan. 2,2020 said that by February or March 2020, they will file a petition for wage increase depending on the economic impact on the workers.

In a press Statement from Sancho said that ” we were greeted by oil price hikes on the year 2020.

He said that the implementation of the last trance of excise tax on gasoline, diesel and LPG will be followed by oil price hikes.

Consequently, increases in the prices of basic goods and services shall follow. The transport sector had already indicated that they will file a consolidated petition for fare hike nationwide within this month, Sancho further said.

He said GAWA will evaluate the impact of oil price hikes and transport fare hike on the workers purchasing power.

If a “supervening condition” is established, labor will file a petition for wage increase in WV, he added.

Sancho also said, “The extra-ordinary increases in petroleum products, basic goods and services, will trigger a “supervening condition” that shall compel organized labor to file a petition for another round of wage increase before the regional wage boards to protect the erosion of their purchasing power. ”

The year 2020 will be another year of the workers to demand not only for wage increase but for a living wage for them and their family to have a decent standard of living, Sancho further said.