Lacson earns support for fight vs thieves

Senator and presidential candidate Panfilo “Ping” Lacson earns support for his campaign to exterminate all forms of thieves and thievery should he win the May 2022 elections.

Lacson, who is known as the anti-corruption watchdog in the Senate, has earlier launched a campaign to end every known and unknown form of thievery – from the streets to the government itself.

It has garnered the support of netizens, who say it will greatly contribute to the development of the country. “‘Pag nawala yang magnanakaw aasenso pinas,” according to a comment on Ping Lacson’s official Facebook page.

Other netizens added that Lacson’s anger against corrupt officials shows his support and care for the less privileged.

The long-time public servant, for his part, showed appreciation for the overwhelming support they have been receiving on social media. Lacson had earlier said that Partido Reporma would temporarily shift its fight from the ground to social and traditional media amidst the rapid rise of Covid cases.

Reporma’s standard bearer also thanked their BRAVE MOVERS, or the nationwide group promoting their reform agenda across the country. While large gatherings remain to be prohibited, Lacson said their supporters are working in small groups to reach out to residents in far-flung villages and distant islands.

“While I cannot repay your sacrifices with any personal gratitude, all I can give… is a deep commitment to all of you that should God choose me to lead the country, I will not disappoint you,” Lacson said.

Aside from exterminating thieves, Lacson is also campaigning for Budget Reform Advocacy for Village Empowerment or BRAVE, which aims to enrich the lives of Filipinos from even the poorest villages by giving more power to local government units.