Let’s complicate our life

By Fr. Roy Cimagala

WHETHER we like it or not, or when we try to do everything to avoid it, our life will always get complicated, one way or another, sooner or later. There are just too many things for us to manage, and many of them are beyond our control. We just have to be prepared for it.

In the life of Christ, the pattern of our humanity and savior of our damaged humanity, we can see very well how this reality of life’s complications can come about. He went around preaching and doing a lot of good, and all sorts of difficulties, challenges, requests, etc. hounded him. If this happened to him, we have no reason to think that our life would be exempted from complications.

One time, Christ started to preach to many people who followed him, and a centurion approached him with an urgent request. Could Christ come to the centurion’s house to cure his dying daughter. He readily went, and along the way, a woman secretly touched his garment, convinced that she would be cured of her ailment. (cfr. Mk 5,21-43)

Things like this happened to Christ, and also to his disciples who tried to be with him. It is said, for example, that Christ had to wake up early in the morning and go to a deserted place to do his prayer. And Christ sometimes would ask his disciples to rest a while, since with all the things they were doing with him, they hardly had time to eat.

Yes, our life, indeed, if it has to reflect the life of Christ, cannot help but get complicated. But as long as we keep our faith strong and continue to be close to Christ, we can always manage, and avoid making a big issue out of this predicament. We can even find fulfillment in it.

We should not be afraid when our life gets complicated. As long as we are with Christ, we even would be willing to complicate our life. I think that is the proper attitude to develop in ourselves. We should not just wait for our life to get complicated. We somehow should complicate by truly involving ourselves in the mission of Christ and in the lives of others.

Obviously, we should try our best to be properly prepared for this unavoidable condition in our life. Let’s prepare ourselves for this physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and morally. For this, we need to avail of all possible and appropriate means.

We certainly need to develop virtues, like order, fortitude, optimism, cheerfulness, prudence, etc. We have to avail of the spiritual means of prayer, sacrifice and recourse to the sacraments. Let’s always remember that we are always guided by some supernatural forces that can only come from God. That way, we would also be ready to tackle the strong and subtle infranatural forces that come from some evil spirits around.

It would be good to devise a variety of plans to address our different concerns. We should be making daily, weekly plans, etc., to guide us in all our needs, from the physical and the most material, to the moral, spiritual and our ultimate supernatural goal.

Obviously, we also have to learn how to be flexible, because no matter how much we plan, we would always encounter surprises and spoilers along the way. We have to learn how to be game in all this. The most important thing is that whatever happens, we should always go to Christ.

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