‘LET’S TALK’: Yanson bro offers peace, amicable settlement

EMOTIONAL TOLL (from left) Charles Dumancas and wife Ginnette, Yanson clan martriarch Olivia, and son Leo Rey are reduced to tears during the press conference where they announced the reorganization of Vallacar Transit Inc. on Aug 19, 2019. Roy (inset), the eldest of the Yanson siblings, called for peace and amicable settlement of their troubles. (Dolly Yasa)

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – In what seems to be a change of heart, one of the Yanson siblings called for calm and urged their family to peacefully settle their disputes over the businesses among themselves.

Roy Yanson, the eldest of the Yanson brood, called on all his siblings Celina, Emily, Ricardo Jr., Ginnette, and Leo Rey for them to sit down and talk sans intervention from other personalities.

According to lawyer Joel Dojillo, Roy’s counsel and spokesman, the eldest Yanson child called for peace in the family in a press conference.

However, Emily, Celina, and Ricardo Jr. were not in the press con.

Roy said he is presently saddened by the issues plaguing his family.

He added that he had no intention of bringing their family issues in public and putting themselves under trial by publicity.

“As the elder sibling, I am reaching out to all my siblings; Emily, Ginnette, Celina, Ricky, Leo Rey, let us meet and sit down as one family. Let us set our differences behind us and talk. Let us forgive each other,” he said.

He added they will go nowhere if the current squabble continues, pointing out all of them will be losers in the end.

Roy called the media conference after Leo Rey, sister Ginnette, and their mother Olivia also held a press conference on Aug 19, 2019 to announce the reorganization of the Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), operator of Ceres Bus Liner.

Leo Rey remained VTI president, while Charles Dumancas, husband of Ginnette, is vice president.

Ginnette is now treasurer while their mother Olivia is now the corporate secretary.

Ginnette, Leo Rey, and Olivia said during the press conference that it is only their family, and no one else, who can resolve the situation.

The dispute erupted when Roy, Celina, Emily, and Ricardo Jr. ousted Leo Rey on July 7 as VTI president for alleged mismanagement and irregularities.  They then installed Roy as president.

The dispute saw both sides fighting for control of their terminals and offices, which affected bus passengers and their workers.



Meanwhile, VTI legal counsel and spokesperson Jun Maxell Orlina said the reorganization of the board followed a special stockholders meeting at the company’s  main office in Barangay  Mansilingan, Bacolod City.

Orlina said that board of directors also passed resolutions tasking the company’s legal team  to recommend possible legal action against Ma. Lourdes Celina Y. Lopez over her alleged P380-million outstanding obligations to the company.

The amount is based on a report by auditing firm SGV.

Orlina said they invited Roy, Ricardo Jr., Emily, and Celina Yanson-Lopez to the board meeting but all four failed to appear.

But he said the four still remain as stockholders of the company.

In the press conference that followed where Orlina started to announce the new set of officers, the Yanson matriarch Olivia broke down, while Leo Rey turned his back to the press and wiped his eyes

This prompted Orlina to announce a five-minute break.

Olivia then urged her children to unite and talk instead of fighting over their business.

“Everybody  think I am okay, but deep inside I am hurting. It pains me to see my children like this, how I wish we can return to how we were before, when we gather as a family, where there is love and peace.” Olivia said.

“Siling ko okay lang ko, pero indi ko okay. Pero kon kada isa sa amon mag-pasensyahanay na lang, kalipatan na lang ang tanan, kay indi ko gusto amo ni nga sitwasyon. Kakapoy, kasakit.” Leo Rey said that he is just working for the company because of their mother.

When asked what will happen if their mother is no longer around, Leo Rey answered “I will step down.”

He added that he will not work for any of his siblings.

“I am just here because my mother she asked me to be here. I hope that my siblings will understand. Our mother is already 85. Tani pagustuhan nyo na lang si mommy. It is not easy for her. At the end of the day, in my own opinion, amid all these happenings, I chose righteousness. I don’t even care about the shares wala na ni may ka-areglar kundi kami lang.”

He said the news about their family is getting bad by the day.

“I really hope that we can sit the seven of us. Taposon ta na ini buas because at the end of the day kon ako lang pamangkoton ninyo wala gid kami ni awayan kay kaayo man sang dalagan sang tanan.”