Local civil society organization to serve as poll ‘watch dog’

BACOLOD City – A civil society organization based pledged to monitor the May 13, 2019 elections.

Citizens for Better Bacolod (CBB) said in a statement that “OPLAN: END GAME” involves citizen-driven activities.

“CBB is a multi-sectoral watch dog group aimed to raise the awareness of Bacolodnons on issues affecting the city and will be vigilant during the final week and half of the campaign,” it said.

Among the activities the CBB has started is the deployment of citizen agents in all the 61 barangays of the city.

The citizen agents are tasked to monitor all election related activities in the grassroots level, especially the illegal activities prohibited by the Omnibus Election Code and the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

These prohibited acts include the active participation of casual and job order employees in campaign sorties and rallies, vote-buying and harassment of voters.

The CBB is also launching massive voters’ education campaign in the high-density areas of Bacolod to help the public in their decision on who to vote as leaders.

The group also appealed for the active participation, vigilance and support of the citizens in using their mobile phones and other gadgets to document and report prohibited acts on social media and the Comelec and the Department of the Interior and Local Government before and during the elections.