Local roads paved for connectivity and safer mobility to remote areas in southern Negros Occidental

Paved local roads in Barangay Balicotoc (left) and Barangay 2 (center) in Ilog, Negros Occidental, and paved road in Barangay Camalanda-an in Cauayan, Negros Occidental (right). )Photos courtesy of DPWH-Negros 3rd DEO)

Three local roads leading to remote barangays in the towns of Ilog and Cauayan in Negros Occidental are upgraded and improved by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Undertaken by DPWH-Negros Occidental 3rd District Engineering, these local road development efforts provide convenient access to the mountainous communities of Barangay Balicotoc and Sitio Lapak, Barangay 2, both in Ilog town, and Sitio Tagaytay in Barangay Camalanda-an, Cauayan town.

Citing from the report of District Engineer (DE) Rodney A. Gustilo, OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said the projects will provide an accessible, efficient and convenient way of transportation leading to remote areas, benefiting people in the localities.

“These road improvement projects offer bigger opportunity for economic development and efficient transport of products from farms to the town and neighboring towns and cities,” Oropel said.

“The improved roads will also provide people in the locality with smoother, faster and hassle-free transportation access to government offices and other establishments in the town. Basic health, social, wellness, education and other government services can also be easily delivered even to the people in far-flung areas,” he added.

In addition, DE Rodney A. Gustilo said the road projects will enable farmers, such as sugarcane planters, rice and coffee producers, and coconut planters, in the delivery of their products to milling stations.

“These better road conditions could cater big trucks hauling sugarcane and other vehicles carrying farm products, thus, delivery from farms to the markets will be easier, faster and cost-efficient, making our farmers earn more for their living,” Gustilo said.

The road improvement in Barangay Balicotoc in Ilog town, which extends to Barangay Caningay in Candoni town, includes concrete paving of 756-lineal meter long, 6-meter wide, 2-lane road in the amount of ₱11.88 million. It also includes installation of solar LED lights for safety of motorists and people in the community especially at night.

Another road improvement project in Ilog town is the concreting of 837-lineal meter long, 5-meter wide, 2-lane road in Sitio Lapak in Barangay 2 in the amount of ₱9.9 million. The project further includes aggregated sub-base course, reinforced steel, structure concrete, reinforced concrete pipe culvert (RCPC) with headwalls in some sections, concrete barrier and grouted riprap.

The ₱12-million farm-to-market road project in Sitio Tagaytay in Barangay Camalanda-an in Cauayan town involves construction of 462-lineal meter long, 6.1-meter wide, 2-lane concrete road. This also includes grouted riprap, stone masonry, RCPC, and reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings. (DPWH)