LOVE LOCAL: Tahum Pop Up Festival offers the best of Filipino products

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

In celebration of the Filipino art and craftmanship, all things local from food, clothing, jewelry, and home products will be showcased in the first and the biggest all curated Filipino Pop Up in Western Visayas.

The Tahum Pop Up Festival which happens this February 22-24 at the Iloilo Business Park will be gathering 50 exhibitors coming from Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo to showcase their best local products.

A project that was born out of passion, Tahum Pop Up Festival aims to preserve the creativity, talent, and craftmanship of Filipino artisans.

Organizers of the project, the Assumption Iloilo Educational Foundation Inc (AIEF) – Assumption Iloilo said that the project is a big opportunity not just for the Ilonggos but also for the exhibitors to share their inspiring stories behind the product itself, the communities they have touched, and how the lives of the people have changed because of their products.

High-value products such as gowns from top designers like Rajo Laurel, Jun Escario, and Joseph Aloyssius Montellibano will be also be up for a special auction.

Being the first all curated Filipino Pop Up in Western Visayas, AIEF – Assumption Iloilo hopes to influence consumers and public alike to love, promote, and support Filipino products with global appeal.

Assumption Iloilo Educational Foundation is the arm of Assumption Iloilo that gives the gift of Assumption education to deserving scholars.

Catch the following exhibitors at the Tahum Pop Up Festival and choose from their wide array of world-class Filipino products:


    • Jor-el Espina
    • FilipiNeo by Nono Palmos
    • Adante Leyesa
    • Zarah Juan
    • United Capizenos Foundation, Inc.
    • Costurero Studio
    • Ines Moda Infantil
    • Rei Escario
    • Tickled Tripper
    • Kiculo
    • Vitrucio


    • Martina Bespoke
    • BJ Chavez Jewelry
    • RSE Contemporary Jewelry
    • Tawhai Studio



  • FOOD
    • Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing
    • Groceteria by Dova
    • Ereneta-Manoloto Chorizo de Bacolod
    • KUSINA ESTREALLA’S Bagoong and Empanada
    • Panaderia de Molo
    • Felicia’s Pastry Shop
    • Tibong Jardeleza
    • Mumshie
    • T Flavors
    • Jarvis Foods
    • Virgie’s
    • San Buena Farm
    • Chaitentic


  • HOME
    • Handmade Gallery
    • Milvidas
    • Ingrid Candles
    • Creative Definitions
    • Pinearts Crafts
    • Bonami
    • Junk Not Handicrafts
    • Komoda & Accents
    • Hacienda Crafts
    • Whimsy by Silay Export Inc.


    • Loot
    • Apple Baubles
    • Marie – the modern Filipina
    • Balance Earth Friendly Lifestyle
    • The Write Type
    • The Treasure Maker
    • Campos Jewelry
    • Color Propaganda


    • Rajo Laurel
    • Jun Escario
    • Maco Custodio
    • Arnel Papa
    • Joseph Aloyssius Montellibano
    • Camina Balay na Bato
    • Earl Gariando
    • Wolfe and Hunter
    • Beatriz Accessories


    • Assumption Treats
    • Assumption Souvenir Shop


The event is open to the public and the net proceeds will go to AIEF’s scholarship program.

Aside from this, part of the net proceeds will also be donated to an indigenous community in order for them to elevate and improve their craft, AIEF-Assumption Iloilo added.