‘Mag-ingat ka, Bongbong’ – Percy Lapid

By Herbert Vego

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) has come up with a well-publicized CCTV footage of one of the two tandem bikers who could have murdered the Manila-based broadcaster Percival Mabasa, better known as Percy Lapid in his radio program “Lapid Fire” on DWBL.

Presuming they go as far as arresting the assassin, will they succeed in identifying the mastermind?

Considering the global rage that the crime has whipped up through the media (including the prestigious New York Times), it behooves the government to solve the crime – the second assassination of a media personality within the first 100 days of Pres. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. or BBM for short.

To quote Percy’s younger brother Roy Mabasa, a past president of the National Press Club, “It’s only now that I realize how extensive Percy’s audience had been.”

Roy recalled that in many instances, the management of several radio stations had dropped him for fear of government reprisal.

I remember that he had been booted out of DWIZ before he transferred to DWBL.

It behooves BBM to act promptly, lest he risks his own life.  As to why, there are telling “hints” discoverable in the recordings of his “Lapid Fire” episodes, which remain available on the YouTube channel.

“Mag-ingat ka, Bongbong Marcos,” he warned the President in the September 29, 2022 episode of the program. “Hindi mo ba nakikita?  Nagpapakita na ng mga kulay ng balat nila ang mga taong ito!”

He named no names of those “mga tao,” but there was no doubt as to who he was referring to in his succeeding words: “Isipin mo, Justice Secretary ka.  Dapat sumunod ka kung ano ang gusto ng Presidente.  Bakit pinipilit n’yo ang POGO rito?”

No doubt he was referring to Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla.

BBM had sought deportation of 48,782 Chinese nationals connected with the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO), who had been linked to murders, kidnappings, and other criminal activities.

Rather than comment on that, I would like to point out that at least 20,000 Chinese workers of POGO reside in the former Island Cove resort in Kawit, Cavite, which is owned by the Remulla family.

Let us also take note of media reports that Sen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa would rather let the POGOs operate, provided they are run by locals or Filipino-Chinese, rather than the Chinese from mainland China.

More exact words from Percy: “Bakit pinipilit n’yo ang POGO rito?  Sayang daw ang kinikita. Galing na ‘yan sa Cambodia.  Pinalayas doon.”

Why did Percy ask the President to be careful?

Was it because BBM had been lukewarm on former President Rodrigo Duterte’s wish for him to denounce the move of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe the “human rights violations” during his predecessor’s administration?

In the following day’s episode of “Lapid Fire” (Sept. 30), Percy predicted, “Darating ang arawibabagsak nila si BBM.”

That was his reaction to the news that Duterte had asked his party, the PDP-Laban, to “fiscalize” the BBM government.

“The president can be very sure that in the coming days we will fiscalize,” according to Duterte, as reported by Business World (Oct. 2, 2022). “If we see anything bad, we will raise our voice, because that is the essence of our presence here.”

“Gusto makabalik sa puwesto,” Percy further reacted.

Percy’s words as quoted here are just a drop in the bucket of his fierce statements against public officials. Therefore, I challenge you, dear readers, to listen to the actual voice of Percy Lapid, now seemingly more alive than dead through his video-recorded radio program. Thanks to the magic of the Internet.

To quote Ilonggo broadcaster Florence Hervias, who was allegedly mauled by a politician’s goon over a local issue, “Banwa,binagbinaga.”


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LOOKING back to the year 1973, Engr. Belmar Bayombong asked us to announce their school reunion on Oct. 15, 2022, 3:00 p.m., at the Vista Veranda Beach Resort. So, paging the 1973 graduates of the San Jose Pilot Elementary School (now Angel Salazar Memorial School).

The fact that it has been 49 years since these people finished elementary school is reason enough to relive the good old days.

For further information on this important journey to the past, members of Class “73 are urged to get in touch with the reunion organizers.  You may call or text Belmar “Bong” Bayombong at 0917-527-8004; and Jessy Marfil, 0917-873-3059.