Man commits suicide in Oton

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

[The Department of Health has established suicide prevention hotlines in the country. For those who need help, they could call 0917-899-8727 (USAP) and 0917-989-8727 (USAP).]

Amid the stress and anxiety brought by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, a 35-year-old man allegedly committed suicide in Oton, Iloilo.

Gil (real name withheld) a resident of Barangay Lambuyao, Oton, Iloilo, was found lifeless morning of April 16, 2020 at Barangay Maestravita, Oton, Iloilo.

The man, who used to live in Molo district, Iloilo City, owns a computer shop and studied engineering in a school in La Paz, Iloilo City.

According to his mother-in-law, Gil left their house onboard his black sedan around 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

After around two hours, they learned that he committed suicide.

Gil’s sister, who rushed to the scene of the incident, was in disbelief of what happened to her brother.

She repeatedly said that her brother sought medical consultation at “Don Benito” or the West Visayas State University Medical Center in La Paz, Iloilo City.

She claimed that Gil was not feeling well since April 13.

On April 15, he allegedly sought consultation after he had a bout of fever, was vomiting, and had been feeling weak.

Wala man kuno sya gin-admit kay indi man sya kuno kritikal,” she said.

They called up six hospitals but all allegedly declined to admit him.

In January, he was also confined in the hospital for vomiting and diarrhea. But after five days, he was discharged and was told to go on oral medication.

Sang pag-quarantine-quarantine nga ini, nagka-acid reflux na naman sya, may hilanat kag nagasuka-suka,” Gil’s sister said.

She then told him to seek consultation even if his fever had subsided.

But when he was allegedly refused admittance, “Hambal nya sa akon, ano na lang ko sini?” she added.

The family did not elaborate, though, if the victim was suffering from depression.

Earlier, the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) expressed alarm over the growing suicide incidents in the province.

Most victims were males 10 to 19 years old.

In the Philippines, Republic Act 11036 (The Mental Health Law) was passed to address growing concerns on mental health and suicide incidents.

The law proposes a mental health policy that aims to enhance integrated mental health services, the promotion of mental health services, protection of people who use said services, and the establishment of a Philippine mental health council.