Man hacks fellow worker to death

By: Jennifer P. Rendon

A CONSTRUCTION worker remains at-large after attacking his fellow worker early morning of Sept. 15, 2019 at Batad, Iloilo.

Police identified the suspect as Nelson Catalan, 59, a resident of Barangay Santa Ana where the incident happened.

The victim, 59-year old Salvador Chavez of Barangay Batad Viejo, Batad, succumbed to multiple hack injuries on the different parts of his body.

Police Lieutenant George Caño, Batad police chief, said the victim was still brought to Jesus Colmenares Memorial District Hospital in the nearby Balasan town.

Chavez was declared dead on arrival.

The night prior to the incident, both suspect and victim, and several co-workers, went drinking. The two had not quarrelled or figured in a conflict the entire time.

“But their co-workers said that the suspect and victim are not exactly friends. They didn’t get along well,” Caño said.

The drinking spree ended 2:30 a.m. with the workers going to their respective bunk houses.

Caño believed that Chavez was left too drunk and fell asleep at their drinking table.

An hour later, another worker, Joniel Ebaldoni, woke up to pee. He then heard a noise and when he checked, he saw Catalan attacking the victim.

The suspect immediately fled while the victim was brought to the hospital.

Caño said they immediately conducted hot operations against Catalan.

Police operatives went to Carles and Balasan towns but failed to arrest the suspect.