Man nabbed for hacking co-worker 

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

A school watchman was arrested after hacking his fellow worker late evening of Jan 9, 2023 in City Proper, Iloilo City.

Police identified the suspect as Celo Dumago, 42, of Barangay Zamora-Melliza, City Proper.

Dumago and the victim, Bryan Hautea, 25, of Barangay Ticud, La Paz, both work at the Fort San Pedro National High School at Barangay Sto. Rosario-Duran where the incident happened.

Prior to the hacking episode, Dumago and Hautea went on a drinking spree with two other persons.

After consuming several bottles of liquor, the two talked about their jobs, Dumago being the watchman and the suspect as a utility worker.

At that time, one of their companions already left for home.

Dumago claimed it sparked an argument between them, as Hautea accused the suspect of snitching him to the principal.

Dumago admitted that he indeed reported his observations to the school head but did not elaborate further.

At the height of their verbal tussle, Hautea allegedly struck Dumago with an empty beer bottle.

Hautea and their other drinking buddy allegedly chased Dumago when he ran for safety to the workers’ barracks, where he took a bolo and hacked Hautea.

Their companion immediately scampered.

Hautea was hit on the head and left side of his face.

The school’s security guard, Arlie Amorte, subdued Dumago before he could inflict more harm on Hautea.

The suspect later claimed he had no intention of killing Hautea as he only meant to protect himself.

Dumago is now detained and will be charged with frustrated homicide.