Mapúa University launches Mapúa X platform

(Photo Courtesy of Mapúa University)

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Mapúa University has officially launched Mapúa X, a streaming platform for education designed to expand access to quality education and meet the diverse needs of modern learners.

The platform offers curated interactive courses and training modules, ensuring students acquire relevant knowledge and skills applicable to real-world scenarios. It aims to address the challenges posed by the vast amount of information available online, along with the barriers faced by many students in the Philippines, such as financial constraints, geographical challenges, and limited access to technology.

Recognizing the varied learning styles and career aspirations of students, Mapúa X also provides a personalized learning experience. It features interactive and multimedia-rich content, including video lectures, simulations, and real-time feedback, enhancing engagement and effectiveness compared to traditional text-based methods.

“The education system must prioritize flexibility, inclusivity, and alignment with various industry demands,” said Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, President of Mapúa University, in a statement. “Our goal is not only to provide learners from diverse backgrounds with access to education but also to ensure their success by acquiring competencies and skills that are highly sought after in the global job market. To accomplish this, we require a platform that enables learning beyond the constraints of traditional campus-based programs.”

The development of Mapúa X involved a collaboration with Anthology, an education technology company. Anthology’s Learning Management System (LMS) powers the platform, enabling seamless navigation, resource access, assignment submission, and communication with professors. This partnership ensures the delivery of high-quality educational content.

Samuel Tang, Anthology’s country manager for the Philippines, highlighted the user-friendly features of Mapúa X. Tang emphasized that students can easily navigate their courses, access resources, submit assignments, and communicate with professors throughout their individualized learning journeys.

Mapúa X can serve both traditional students and lifelong learners, suitable for continuous education, professional development, and community enrichment. Students can self-enroll in courses, earn credentials, and access their coursework from anywhere at any time.

“Our collaboration with Anthology allows us to provide a robust LMS platform that supports continuous education and professional development without the need for on-campus enrollment,” Maestrecampo remarked.

With the launch of Mapúa X, Mapúa University sets a new standard in online education, offering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that prepares students for the future.


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