Mayor-elect to tear down fence around town hall

MAYOR-elect Ella Garcia of Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental said she will tear down the GI sheet fence that surrounds the municipal hall when she assumes office noontime of June 30, 2019. (Dolly Yasa)

BACOLOD City – Mayor-elect Ella Garcia of Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental said the first thing she will do when she assumes office noontime of June 30, 2019 is to take down the GI sheets that surrounds the municipal hall.

“This will symbolize transparency and freedom from a tyrant,” Yulo said.

Mayor Magdaleno Peña put up the fence purportedly to protect the building from rebel attacks.

But Yulo said it only hampered people from moving in and out of the townhall grounds.

“We will take down the GI sheets to allow the people to freely go inside and out of the municipal hall because the municipal hall is the people’s house,” she added.

Yulo said she wants transparency in her administration and she wants everyone to know, especially the needy, that they are welcome to go inside.

The newly elected mayor also said the walls around the town hall brought fear to the locals and made them apprehensive to enter. 

Yulo added that she also plans to remove majority of the town hall’s employees working for Peña, as they are allegedly not residents of Moises Padilla, but from the town of Pulupandan, where Peña was a former mayor.

She will ask the Army to remain in the town after the Comelec control is lifted to ensure peace in the town.