Mayor pooh-poohs whistleblower’s letter

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

ILOILO City Mayor Jerry Treñas sees no point in giving attention to the second letter of the so-called three-star-squealer Juan Dela Cruz.

In an interview on Friday, Treñas called the letter “fake” emphasizing that it warrants no attention from him.

You know ang iya ni ulihi, tan-aw ko tanan mapadala na lang nga Juan Dela Cruz. I do not need to do anything because I know it is a fake letter coming from those people who cannot move on,” he told media reporters.

Treñas’ reaction was in contrast to his move to investigate the claims of the same “whistleblower” on the alleged defective weddings processed by the Local Civil Registrar’s Office (LCRO) under Romeo Caesar “Juncae” Manikan.

The mayor immediately ordered an investigation into Dela Cruz’s claim even if Manikan questioned the veracity of Dela Cruz’sletter.

Dela Cruz, who affixed his “three-star signature” on his letters, lately exposed alleged corrupt practices of some of the employees working under the administration of Mayor Jerry Treñas.

He mentioned two executive assistants and political allies of Treñas – Francis Te and Fernando Rico.

“Your EA Francis Te is a supplier of City Hall and does not follow the specs found in the PR. Ang request is A20 ang naga-abot sa mga opisina substandard kag ginahambal lang nga ‘indi magreklamo kay iya na ni Sir Te’,” he said in his letter.

He also accused Rico of engaging in anomalous transactions at the City Hall.

Dela Cruz also tagged several employees like City Budget Officer Nina Atinado as a “big-time money lender” to job hires and the previous administrator of the Iloilo City Community College who now works as a special assistant to the mayor, Matty Treñas for her corrupt practices.

“Maty has a pending investigation according to the city council for many anomalous transactions in the City College as administrator with four teachers having complained for her. She also use the donations for the school for her personal use like travel abroad and buy new car that is why no record or donations or sponsors of school,” he alleged.

He also mentioned the City Assessor but he did not name any person.

“The City Assessor is also into heavy corruption by accepting bribes in exchange for lesser assessment fee for house improvement/repair or re-classification. Why don’t you begin with the Jaro Division? And why don’t you check reclassification of lots under the city from residential/industrial to commercial?” he added.

Dela Cruz appealed to the mayor to investigate the alleged corrupt practices of the said employees.

“Mayor this is a slap on your face for ‘Uswag’ and level up for a clean government. They do not deserve our taxes nga i-sweldo sa ila as for now I will stop from there for you to give act on this. Mayor you should lead by example. They do not deserve your protection and support and should be made to answer for this corruptions, scandalous graft in your City Hall,” he concluded.

Treñas said he will only respond if cases are filed. For the mayor, one thing is for sure and that is several marriages uncovered at LCR are “fake.”

“Ang point, ang kasal to you nga peke, peke gid to ya, whether we want it or not fake gid to ya. Ang akon nga sulat-sulat nga na atubangon lang ta garing kung may kaso,” he said.

The mayor said charges have been filed against the LCR but he refused to discuss the details.

Ang dira sa LCR may kaso na na indi ko lang pag-ihambal sa inyo pero may kaso na na kag may mga testigo,” he said.

According to Treñas, the alleged fake letter came from people who cannot move on from the results of the May 13, 2019 elections.

“I know it is a fake letter coming from those people who cannot move on. Please move on. After the elections, please move on,” he said.