Medley signs Letter of Intent with DTI to advance investments in the Philippines

Medley, Inc. (TSE: 4480), a Japan-based internet service company, signed a Letter of Intent with the Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic of the Philippines (DTI) on December 18 to advance its investments in the Philippines, in the presence of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

The signing ceremony was held during the president’s visit to Japan and attended by key Philippine cabinet members, business leaders, and representatives of the invited Japanese companies that intend to develop businesses in the Philippines.

Medley Group was represented by Robert Early, Vice President of Medley, Inc. and CEO of Medley’s US corporation, who leads Medley’s global businesses.

Medley, with its mission of “creating the future of medical healthcare,” aims to solve issues in healthcare through its internet services.

Founded in 2009, Medley has developed various services, including HR and medical platforms, to support patients as well as healthcare institutions and professionals.

Intending to expand its business globally, Medley launched in February 2023 for the US market “Jobley,” a pay-per-performance recruitment system specializing in healthcare. Medley Group now intends to establish a Philippine corporation as one of its key business sites to propel the group’s global business over the long term.

“We believe the Philippines is one of the most attractive places to open our new offices,” said Kohei Takiguchi, President and CEO of Medley, Inc. “The Philippines is well known as an important operating base for a number of global services, and its pool of excellent talent is essential for providing high-value services over the long run.”

“We are very pleased with the agreements signed today and excited to see a large-scale job creation expected in the Philippines,” said President Marcos at the ceremony.

“The Philippine government will continue to build close relationships with the companies investing in the Philippines and support their activities there,” continued the president, expressing gratitude to those companies for their unwavering support and trust in the country.

Medley Group aspires to “create the future of medical healthcare” by advancing its global businesses and will also contribute to the Philippines society by creating diverse employment opportunities.