‘Mentally challenged’ man chops co-worker to death

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 26-year-old mentally challenged man allegedly killed his fellow worker in a bolo attack early morning of Dec 20, 2022 in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

Raffy Claudio, a resident of Barangay Damires, Janiuay, Iloilo, did not attempt to flee after the hacking episode.

He stayed inside the workers’ barracks at Barangay Bakhaw where the victim, 32-year-old Ricky Pisaro of Barangay Gines Interior, Cabatuan, Iloilo, was seen lifeless on a folding bed.

Pisaro’s head and arms were all severed from his body.

Both are stay-in employees of 3 Kings Lechon Manok.

They were staying at the house of 3 Kings Lechon Manok owner Jero Hibionada which served as the workers’ quarters

Major Rey Sumagaysay, Iloilo City Police Station 5 chief, said Claudio attacked Pisaro while the latter was asleep.

Neighbors claimed to have heard a shout and then a loud thud around 6:35 a.m. Tuesday.

Sumagaysay said the suspect could have first hacked the victim’s arm causing the latter to shout in pain.

Pisaro had apparently no chance to defend himself.

“He was still covered in a blanket when the barangay tanod responded to the crime scene,” Sumagaysay said.

On top of the folding bed was the bolo believed to have been used in the crime. The same blade was also used in chopping roast chicken.

Sumagaysay said the suspect did not resist when he was arrested.

It was gathered that the suspect started working on Sunday upon the recommendation of his cousin while the victim had commenced working a month ago.

Claudio’s cousin was not staying at the workers’ quarters and opted to rent a boarding house in La Paz district.

It was not clear what drove the suspect to attack Pisaro.

Claudio was claiming that the victim harmed him but he did not provide details.
“He was also saying that the victim wanted to kill him,” Sumagaysay said.


Sumagaysay said the suspect showed no remorse while in detention.

“When he is asked, he answers. If not, he maintains his silence and just stares blankly. He’s devoid of any emotion,” he said.

Claudio’s mother and cousins immediately went to the police station after learning about what happened.

The mother claimed that Claudio had been acting strangely following the death of his father in Lambunao town in 2015.

Claudio’s father died after he was gunned down by his nephew.

“He showed symptoms of trauma but wasn’t able to get professional treatment,” Sumagaysay said, quoting Claudio’s mother.

The suspect’s mother claimed he was silent most of the time. That’s why he was made to work in a bid for him to socialize.

Meanwhile, without any proof or documents that the suspect is mentally incapacitated, Sumagaysay said they would treat the suspect as an ordinary detainee.