Meralco commits PHP100 B to sustainable energy projects amid climate challenge

Manila Electric Company (Meralco), the country’s largest distribution utility, has announced a significant investment strategy, committing PHP100 billion by 2030 towards projects aimed at ensuring energy security and addressing the global challenges of climate change.

In a recent statement, Meralco’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, Ronnie Aperocho, emphasized the integration of sustainability within the company’s core strategies.

“With sustainability deeply embedded in Meralco’s operations and long-term plans, we are proud to commit over PHP100 billion in capital expenditures to initiatives that enhance our infrastructure and align with the government’s vision for a sustainable future,” Aperocho stated.

The allocated capital will fund projects designed to enhance grid reliability, reduce system loss, transition to environmentally friendly transformer oils, implement energy-efficient solutions, and expand electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

These initiatives are pivotal elements of Meralco’s Long-Term Sustainability Strategy (LTSS), which also includes ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent by the year 2030.

Meralco’s renewable energy arm, MGen Renewable Energy Inc. (MGreen), is set to accelerate projects focusing on solar and wind energy sources.

“Our long-term sustainability strategy’s core commitments include securing 1,500 megawatts of renewable energy supply contracts and developing 1,500 MW of attributable green energy generation capacity,” shared Raymond Ravelo, Meralco’s first vice president and chief sustainability officer.

The utility’s solar power business unit, MSpectrum Inc., is at the forefront of promoting solar energy adoption among businesses and households. It is also actively involved in social development through One Meralco Foundation, targeting electrification for underserved households, rural health centers, and livelihood programs.

Meralco’s chairman and chief executive officer, Manuel Pangilinan, highlighted the broader scope of the utility’s sustainability endeavors.

“These initiatives, along with next-generation technologies like nuclear energy and battery energy systems, are instrumental in accelerating our country’s energy transition goals and achieving a coal-free status by 2050,” Pangilinan said.

He also pointed to the alignment of these efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, underscoring the envisioned societal benefits including education, clean water, quality healthcare, dignified livelihoods, and disaster preparedness.

Meralco’s robust investment plan signals a firm commitment to a low-carbon future and reflects a growing trend among energy providers to address climate change proactively while catering to the increasing demand for clean power.