‘Misunderstanding’ erupts at legal office

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Assistant Provincial Legal Officer Mary Ann Lamis dismissed as “misunderstanding” the incident at the Provincial Legal Office (PLO) amid reports that she was unceremoniously made to vacate the office last week.

Negros Occidental Provincial Legal Officer Alberto Nellas Jr. said reports that Lamis was asked to leave her office at the Capitol was due indeed to miscommunication.

Lamis is an appointee of former governor Alfredo Marañon Jr., while Nellas was recently appointed by Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson to head the PLO.

A report from Aksyon Radyo indicated that Nellas accused a staff of Lamis of deleting files from an office computer, which the latter also denied.

Nellas also said a notification was given to Lamis on June 4 during a transition team meeting.

He further said that It appears that their understanding was to clear the area occupied by former Provincial Legal Officer Jose Ma. Valencia.

But Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz specifically pointed to the office of Lamis, which Nellas described as a miscommunication.

Nellas also said that since the office had not been cleared when he and his associates, Julie Ann Bedrio and Kathleen Ann King, arrived to occupy it, the clearing was expedited.

Reports that Lamis was unceremoniously made to transfer without prior notice came out after some items from her office were allegedly carried out and left in the hallway.

Nellas also said that when Lamis’ staff were moving out their things, they took folders and a computer that they were told not to take.

He added that an employee, Nellen Marie Gomonit, may have misunderstood the order.

Nellas claimed that Gomonit allegedly deleted some files from the computer and the manner of her interaction with the associates he brought to the office “was not befitting”, so she has been asked to show cause.

Lamis, on the other hand, said it was just a miscommunication.

She said Gomonit did not delete data but only transferred document templates they had developed through the years and drafts of reports they are completing into a USB flash drive.

“The documents are there, nothing was deleted, there was no malicious intent, there is nothing to hide,” Lamis said.

“It was just a misunderstanding, she (Gomonit) is ready to give her statement,” Lamis said.

She said she was present and witnessed everything herself.

Lamis also said she was not aware of the notification during the June 4 meeting as she was not there.

She said she was preparing to transfer and was already packing up things.

“We have to move on, that’s part of life, there’s no problem with me…I cannot comment further,” Lamis said.

“Changes are normal under any new administration,“ she further said. (Photo Source: DYHB Tatak RMN Page/Facebook)