MORE assures stable power supply amid COVID-19 crisis

A MORE Power response team checks the electrical connections of a hospital in Iloilo City.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

MORE Electric and Power Corp (MORE Power) said it will prioritize precautionary inspections and works on feeders connected to all hospitals in Iloilo City amid efforts to prevent the entry of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“We already finished inspections of all feeders and facilities leading to the hospitals,” according to MORE Power President and COO Roel Z. Castro.

Casatro said MORE Power wants to make sure that hospitals are ready 24 hours a day to accept and care for not just COVID-19 patients but other medical emergencies as well.

“In the unlikely event of positive COVID-19 cases, rest assured that power supply to hospitals will be stable and continuous. And it’s not just about COVID-19 but other medical situations that require reliable power as well,” Castro added.

With the Energy Regulatory Commission already released the distribution utility’s provisional certificate of public convenience and necessity, MORE Power said it is more than inspired and energized to serve Iloilo City consumers.

Apart from stable power, MORE Power is also consistently monitoring the situation in Iloilo City so that it can proactively respond to the concerns of consumers.

“These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures and MORE Power is ready to provide leeway and other forms of actions to ease the concerns of our consumers,” Castro said.

He encouraged consumers to make suggestions via MORE Power’s social media accounts and other forms of communication “on how we can collectively address and ease the burdens of this extraordinary time.”